Auntie Kitty and so forth

This has happened to me several times recently: I come to the computer and sit down, ready to finally publish a new blog post, but by the time everything fires up and I have a blank page and a blinking cursor in front of me I freeze.  There's plenty going on in my life but I can't think of a way to make it sound very interesting or relevant to this blog (i.e. the infertility aspect).  On the other hand, I'm always saying that this blog is about me in general, which proves that whatever I feel like writing about is relevant, even if it can't be interesting.  So I'll just apologize now for that last part.  Here's what I've been up to lately:
Still FUNemployed and working on starting my business.  It's been even slower going than usual in all things enterprise-related because I've been babysitting two of my nieces three to four days a week for the past few weeks (and for the next few weeks) while their regular childcare provider is on - you guessed it - maternity leave.  (YES!  I knew I could squeeze in some IF shit.)  How wonderfully ironic, eh?  For my part it's been a great experience.  My nieces friggin' love their Auntie Kitty and I'm getting to build close relationships with them.  We go to the park, color (there is a ton - a TON - of coloring going on every day), go for walks around the neighborhood (and occasionally to 7-11 for a Slurpee), and I change my fair share of diapers.  It's very character-building actually.  And quite exhausting.  Not only do you have to keep them entertained enough all day to ensure a nice long nap, but you have to be constantly "on" and alert to any potential danger.  Fun with a toddler and 3 year old.  On the other hand, it's gratifying to know I'm pretty damn good at it.  Yep, ol' barren Kit proves useful in the child-rearing department after all!  Nice try, infertility!

Okay that's where my IF talk ends today.  I hope, since I already broke my promise that this post would have nothing to do with it.  Anyway, the business.  I don't have any new business on the business except to say that my childhood friend J will be sharing office space with me!  I have a roomie!  She's going to be using the back two offices and rear entrance for her private MFT practice, while I occupy the front entrance and two offices.  And since I'm not charging her rent (yet), she's offered to buy paint!  Which means I get to decorate!  Which I couldn't afford to do before and the rooms desperately need!  So that's good.  I'm throwing myself into that right now so I don't start freaking myself out about how to accomplish what comes after the decorating.  One thing at a time.  I have time.  Gotta keep telling myself that.

More funner stuff is in the near future for me and the Mr. as well.  We'll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year by toasting our friends' S and K's nuptials.  I do love me a good wedding!  And it's going to be out of town (in wine country!!!  My fave!!!) so even though we technically can't afford it, we're making it an overnight trip, hopefully with some wine tasting.  The weekend after that is our 5 year wedding anniversary, and not only did Hubs take several days off work, but he already planned something (which he's not telling me about) too!  His silence on the subject does not stop me from asking him daily what he has planned, which I am assured he doesn't appreciate.  The thing is I like surprises... I think... well, I haven't actually had very many... I wonder if there's a reason for that?  Anyway, in June we're going out of town for one night once again, for that sacred and time-honored tradition known as Beer Fest!  I love beer as much as I love wine, and summer is just not summer without plenty of outdoor drinking.  After that we're doing our usual summer camping trip, and then two more weddings...  Wow, it just occurred to me how busy the next several months are going to be.  Lots of celebrating though!  And that's always great. :)

I should make myself useful now and wash a dish or two.  Apologies for lying to you once in this post, and I trust I didn't lie again when I said it wouldn't be interesting.  Thanks for enduring the tedium long enough to see what's been going on in my world!