About (TL;DR Version)

My name is Kitty (or Kit when I like to keep things brief), and Life Upside Right is all about ME!

For the first two years of its life this blog was about trying to make a baby with my lovin' hubby, Aaron, but TTC wasn't really working out.  We tried for almost three years and I did get pregnant once, but unfortunately I miscarried at eight weeks in July 2010.  After that, the hubster and I gave some thought to adoption, and finally decided to get off the TTC roller coaster in December 2010.  We planned on pursuing adoption in a few years and until then just enjoying our temporarily child-free life.

Well, half of that plan worked out!  We were just cruising along and were finally in a comfortable, happy place for a good year and a half when, in August 2012, we were surprised by another pregnancy.  Only this time, despite some early complications, it actually worked out!  Our rainbow baby girl was born in April 2013.  Then a few years later we decided our first bundle of joy needed a friend, so we started TTC again.  After another miscarriage, a full year of TTC, and aaaaaaalmost deciding I was done trying, we got another BFP.  We had another rocky first trimester but ultimately ended up with a healthy bouncing rainbow baby boy in July 2016.  Woo, double rainbow!

Although I'm a parent now, I'll always be an Infertile too.  Infertility changed me in many ways and I'm a different person because of it.  But there's so much more to me than that, and so much more about me that I'm excited to discover, re-discover, and create.  And that's what I write about.