Beer Festivus for the Rest of Us 2009

Check out our photos from Beer Festivus! You'll feel like you were there! :)

Our fancy logo (handmade by yours truly)

My mom (or the unibomber??), me, and my oldest friend in the world! (I mean, I've known her the longest. She's not the oldest of all my friends in the world.)
**Orange tint thanks to our tarp/tent thing**

Me and hubs lookin' all adorable.

The old people got cold and sat around the fire pit.

Casting ballots. Vote early, vote often!

What beer party is complete without a round of beer pong on the portable "Pong-a-Long"?

Anniversary Trip Photos

Here are a few photos of hubs' and my anniversary trip to California's Central Coast. :)

One view of the lovely vineyards at Justin winery in Paso Robles

The entrance to Justin's cellars, which are actually in a cave dug into the side of the hill.

More vineyards in the beautiful Paso countryside. Betcha didn't realize California had countrysides!

Taken from the pier on Avila beach.


Good surprises

You can tell when I'm uppity because I post a lot. It helps me relieve stress!

When my boss responded to my email that I had a doctor's appt and would take a long lunch with, "See me on this," I braced myself for a reaming. After all, it's a short week, I called in sick Wednesday and left early yesterday...

But surprisingly, all she said was, "Don't come back after your appointment, go home and rest!"

Amazingly, we got our system issues resolved with little ado, so we're back on track. Busy, but running smooth (knock on wood!). And since we have to do so much extra work due to the ACH problems, the head of that department is buying my department lunch!

Today is looking up.

My SIL gave me the 2nd Twilight book (no idea what it's called) so I think I'll get started reading that this afternoon.

I would make a terrible doctor

Got my Rx, but I am still feeling like SHITE. I'm sure now that it's a YI after all, so my Rx is only going to make it worse (it's a cortisone foam). So I made an appt with my doctor for this afternoon. But if this day doesn't start getting better I may have to skip the doc and just go right for the Monistat.

We're having major system issues and my employees can't process their work AT ALL. Our ACH system (different dept) didn't process any transactions last night so now we have to send a bunch of those ACH transactions as wires, which means about 50-75 additional wires for my department. But we're just spinning our wheels waiting for answers from our vendors, and the IT person that we need is in a meeting... it's a mess. I really don't want to have to go to backup procedures but at this point... things aren't looking so good.

I need to relax. I am just so frustrated, bummed, and stressed right now. Not a good combo.


Is someone trying to tell me something?

Well, despite my itchiness, we DID do the TBM on Tuesday night. It was pretty uneventful, until...

My itching got WAY WORSE. I don't know what happened, the only thing I can think is maybe the moisture irritated it more. I definitely don't have an infection (I've been vigilantly checking for any weird-looking CM), so that's good. But Tuesday night it just kept getting worse and worse. I took a Benadryl, a Xanax AND one of the hubs' sleeping pills but still didn't fall asleep until 3 a.m. So I called in sick to work (still itching TERRIBLY) and slept until 10. Yesterday was awful, so I called my old doctor, the one I went to when I first had my itch problem 3 years ago (I'd go in every week, never had an infection, but would itch like crazy) and begged them to call in my old prescription for me. I haven't been to that doctor in 2 years because they don't take my new insurance, but he took pity on me and called in my Rx without making me come in. Too bad it's such a random drug that without exception the pharmacy always has to order it, so I won't get it until today. But just the thought that relief is coming helps.

Today I'm feeling slightly better. I can walk upright and at a normal pace so that's a good sign! I think (hope, pray) we covered most of our bases this C. I would have liked to get one more round of TBM in last night, but there was no way I was trying that again with the way I was feeling. So we DTD on CD10, 12, 13, 15 and 16 (TBM). CD 16 I had lots of EWCM, so hopefully we caught O just in time, but I'm not holding my breath. Next month I'm just going to have to be a lot more careful. Load up on some PreSeed, no alcohol, and just take it easy... And what, cross my fingers?

I almost feel like I'm being taught a lesson. Like I'm supposed to just give it up because I obviously don't have any control over whether we conceive... I guess there doesn't have to be a reason behind everything that happens, but it's been so damn difficult to even try lately that it's starting to get ridiculous. First two YI's during O time, then finding out I can't see the RE until December, and now this, all within a few months. I don't know if I even believe God gives us "signs," but I have to admit it's weird after being mostly YI and itch free for 2+ years. What do you think - signs from God, or just signs that I need to relax? Either way I guess it's pretty much the same thing.


Perk up, buttercup!

Okay. I am feeling much better.

Hubs and I were emailing about my itch sitch and how frustrated I was that this stuff keeps happening around peak fertility time, and he reminded me about the TBM.

**Smacks Forehead**

Oh yeah! I even bought a needleless syringe last time I was having issues (last month!), which we have yet to use. I found instructions on some website or other, and it seems pretty straightforward, but if anyone has tried the TBM please let me know if you have any tips or words of wisdom. Looks like that's what's on the docket for this evening!

My Memorial Day weekend was very nice. VD Beer Festivus for the Rest of Us Invitational 2009 went off without a hitch! We had around 25 guests, but we could have had another 30 and still not felt crowded, so next year I think we'll kick it up a notch. Everyone had a great time, drank way too much, got a little sun, and ended up on their side the next day. Oh, and the winner was a beer called "Primo," which is a lager made in Hawaii (I think). Check it out sometime if you're a beer drinker!

Sunday we went to a bbq at my BIL and SIL's house, but hubs and I were still tired (read: hungover) from Beer Festivus, so we didn't end up staying for too long. Then yesterday we took the motorcycle out for a cruise downtown and hunted for a cute vintage butter dish for a bridal shower. We had ZERO luck (ended up buying one on eb.ay), but it was kinda fun looking through all the antiques shops.

After MUCH encouragement by my SIL and another friend, I also read Tw.ilig.ht this weekend. And I know what I'm about to say will probably start a riot, but...

I wasn't impressed.

Don't throw anything!!

I saw the movie first, so maybe that's what ruined it for me. Not that I thought it was a bad movie, it was fine, I might even watch it again some day. But you know how it is, whenever they make a movie based on a book, the book is almost guaranteed to be way better than the movie. So I was hoping that would be the case. It wasn't. I will continue to read the series, mostly because it's easy to read, I'm interested to see how it ends, and the books are accessible to me right now. But honestly, I could wait for the movies to come out and be perfectly happy.

Alrighty then. I am off to get some work done! Wish me luck tonight with TBM. Hubs says I'll need to fix him a drink, but otherwise he seems gung ho about it! I'll share stories tomorrow!

Seriously. This is getting ridiculous.

Today is CD16, and hubs and I have been BDing like crazy (almost every day, but not quite - hey that's crazy for us!). I'm not OPKing, but now I wish I would have been.

The problem is, my lady parts are driving me CRAZY. They're all itchy from all the activity. I get this sometimes, no idea why, and I don't know anyone else who gets it. It's not an infection or anything, just horrible irritation and itching. But if we try to BD tonight it probably will turn into an infection, or at best the irritation will be worse and prolonged by several days. Either way BD tonight would be painful.

So yeah. There's yet another C down the damn drain. :(

Ugh. I am in a terrible mood. Sorry to be such a downer. Hopefully I'll cheer up enough to post about the weekend later.


Good good good

Okay vajay is healthy, probably just some trauma from our rambunctious BD sesh the other night. Whew! No more BDing after wine-filled evenings for me! Oh who am I kidding, whenever I drink wine I want to BD... And hubs sure isn't going to try to stop me.

I have NO motivation to clean the house right now. But if I don't do it now I'm going to have to get up early and do it before the party. And I reeeeeaaaally don't want to do that... Dangit!

Fine fine fine, here I go. :P

I wish this house would hurry up and learn how to clean itself...

Vajayjay / Festivus

I posted this on the board, but you know how it is, when something's bugging you it helps to let it out wherever you can, right? (BTW, thanks to Jen & M for responding, you really did make me feel better!)

I'm still a little nervous about this weird spotting. I shouldn't even call it spotting, it was just 2 little tiny drops of blood when I wiped first thing this morning and since then my CM has been all clear. I'm hoping it was just caused by our marathon BD session 2 days ago, which left me sore and a little inflamed, followed by more BD last night despite my still being a little sore. Of course I googled it, found out that HPV can cause cervicitis, and subsequently freaked out.

But, I decided to be logical (and not like the doorknobs on the GYN board) and made an appt with my doctor this afternoon. I don't want to end up ruining my weekend by worrying for days. And you know I will!


Tomorrow is Beer Fest! Well, officially, VD Beer Festivus for the Rest of Us Invitational. (VD is for our last name, not an advertisement of our STD status!) I'm not sure if I've told you why we're doing this. Ya see, there's a big beer tasting festival in Avila Beach, about 2 hours north of where we live, every Memorial Day weekend. It is a HUGE hit (mostly because it's right next to a college town) and tickets sell out immediately after they go on sale. Last year we bought ours on cra.ig.slist for twice the face value, plus we got a hotel room, so we ended up spending around $300. BUT, it was a GREAT time, and we would definitely have gone again. Except this year ticket prices went up - way up - to almost twice as much as last year. And they're also limiting attendees to 14 tastings. That sounds like a lot, but it ends up being about 4 or 5 beers in a 5 hour timeframe, which to us is not worth $100+ per ticket. Turns out our friends felt the same way, and none of them are going either.

Well, we thought, we love entertaining, and although we have a tiny house, we do have a BIG backyard... Thus, Beer Festivus for the Rest of Us was born! Apparently there has been quite a buzz about it among hubs' friends, but you wouldn't know it by the RSVPs! I'm trying to train everyone in hubs' world to RSVP to stuff, but they're slow to catch on. I think we're expecting about 20 people, but who knows? I hope it's more, but I'll be happy as long as everyone has a good time.

I still have room on my disposable camera from our anniversary trip, so I'll take some pics and post them all together when I get them developed. Stupid old-fashioned technology!! (Or stupid me for forgetting my camera... Yeah, that's probably more accurate.)


Getting out of my comfort zone

I am pretty proud of me.

I mentioned a while back that hubs has a big group of friends, and that several of their wives/girlfriends are pretty tight too, but that I'm not one of those wives. There's one girl I've always gotten along with. She organized a girls night and sent me an invite about a week ago, but I hadn't responded. To be honest, I'm shy okay? I wasn't planning on going because I'm intimidated by all these fun, outgoing ladies who are already close friends, and I thought I would feel like an outsider.

Well this girl sent me a message on Tuesday saying she hoped I was coming, that it was going to be really fun, etc. But I told her no, that I had to get ready for Beer Festivus (which I do, I am WAY behind). Then I got to thinking, it was really nice of her to include me in this, and if I keep turning down invitations, A. I'm not going to be getting invitations anymore, and B. I will NEVER get to be friends with these ladies. Then hubs talked me into it, so I wrote her back and told her I'd be there.

So girls night was last night, and I have to say, I had a great time! The wine helped (and yes, I am paying for it today), everyone was really friendly and in a great mood, and I didn't feel intimidated or nervous at all (after my first glass).

I've been needing to do this for a long time, and hopefully now it will get easier and easier for me to make friends with them.

Turning off the idiot box...

Or rather, the idiot board.

I have to stop looking at the GYN Issues board on We.bMD, it is overrun by morons! There's one girl who has posted the exact same thing - verbatim! - at least 3 or 4 times in the past 2 days. CALL YOUR DOCTOR if you don't like what you've heard you so far, you dummy! Not to mention all the rocket scientists who tell every girl with discharge or an itch that it's definitely a yeast infection.


I blame Sherry for getting me addicted. ;) hehe. Just kidding! It's my own fault, I should get some dang work done...


Weekend update

For not doing anything I planned on doing this weekend, it was actually pretty productive!

Let's see, on Saturday the hubs and I did some yard work, and he scrubbed the whole outside of the house and garage. I've never even thought about having to clean the outside of a house before, but ours was FILTHY. So we got one of those broom-lookin' things that you hook up to the hose and he went to town. He ended up soaking wet and ruined his cell phone (which he 'wisely' kept in his pocket the whole time), but the house looks great now! Unfortunately he is now bugging me twice as much as before about getting an iPhone. Oi. Boys.

Yesterday we went to breakfast with BIL and SIL, then back home for more work. Gotta get the house sparkling for Beer Festivus this weekend! We finally went out and bought plants for two areas in our backyard. I tilled them at least a couple months ago, but we just kept putting off buying plants for some reason. Well, now we have a red rose bush, 2 kinds of yellow lily, a hydrangea, 2 azaleas, a gerber daisy and a fern, and almost everything is already flowering. Hooray for buying plants in spring! We managed to get everything planted yesterday, and I figure with my black thumb, they should last at least a week right? So the yard will look nice for the party. I took some pictures so I could remember how they looked before I killed them, I'll try to post those later.

We had an Atticus scare yesterday too! He's an indoor cat, but I let him out in the backyard if either hubs or I is keeping an eye on him. Well as we were busy planting, he was going in and out of the house through the doggy door. I was sorta paying attention, saw him go in, but didn't see him come back out, and when we were done in the garden, he wasn't in the house. I panicked. He has never gone wandering around by himself and there are some SCARY looking stray cats in our neighborhood, so of course I start thinking the worst. We checked everywhere: all around the front and back yards, side of the house... nothing. Hubs starts talking about driving around the neighborhood to look. So I check the front yard one more time, walk around the side and there he is, casually hanging out in the neighbors bushes right next to our driveway. Damn cat! He scared the crap out of me! I can't imagine if it was my KID that wandered off, geez! Parenthood, even animal parenthood, is hard!

Last but not least, my friend Tracy got engaged this weekend! I've been anticipating this almost as much as she has, so we're both very excited. I love planning weddings and she promised I could help her. Hooray! When can we start planning?? ;) But seriously, she is a great girl, and she found herself a great guy. I am REALLY happy for them!!

Okay, gotta do some work now. Hope everyone is having a good Monday.

Much better now

Thank you to everyone for your kind and supportive words the past few days. I very much appreciate them, and all of you! You're the best :)

I got all my frustrations out on Friday, talked to the hubs about everything, and I'm feeling much better now. The way he looked at it was we can keep trying naturally of course, and save up some money until we can change our insurance in December so we'll be prepared to pay for our part of any treatments then. In the meantime, I'm sure I could probably get one of my doctors to request a lap to check for endo (if I ever get the guts up to do it).

Also, I'm considering getting more serious about trying. Not that I haven't been "serious", but I haven't had the patience to try temping, I don't use OPK's regularly, etc. So, food for thought for the time being.

One good thing that has come out of this is that I don't feel so pressured now, somehow. Maybe because I don't feel like I have to be building up to something. I just assumed that after a year of trying the next thing to do was to see a specialist, that that's what everyone did. And there was this pressure to try to beat the clock I guess. So now I think I will just take it easy for a while, enjoy trying naturally, and really try not to put so much pressure on myself.

Easier said than done I know. But I'm in that hopeful, pre-O state of mind right now, and I'm going to take advantage for as long as possible :)

(Another post coming up regarding the weekend, this one is getting too long!)


Strangely numb

So I cancelled both RE appointments. Turns out my insurance doesn't even cover office visits, and the initial consult is $260, which we just don't have right now. Maybe later, but then we won't really be able to pay for treatments, so what's the point right? I refuse to go into debt over this. We have worked too hard to get ourselves OUT of debt.

I'm not really sure what my options are right now. Hubs and I have been emailing all day (damn I'm productive at work aren't I?) and basically settled on just continuing to do things the old-fashioned way until we can change insurance in December.

I guess I have lots of time to think about it huh? My brain is not really functioning right now. I guess I will go home.

P.S. If I hear one more person refer to themselves as a "fertile myrtle" I might snap.

What a waste

Well here I am going through all kinds of drama to get my appointment at the RE going on Monday, and I just found out that our current insurance covers $0.00 of fertility treatments. Hubs' open enrollment isn't until December, and mine isn't until next March. So unless one of us gets canned we're pretty much shit out of luck.

I'm not sure if it covers any testing though. I would like to find out about a lap for endo specifically, since it runs in my family. I know it's my own fault for not looking into this sooner, but I'm bummed.

I kind of had a feeling today was going to suck.

On top of that my boss is moody again today. I can understand she's stressed, but she really gets nutty - like she'll tell you something one day that's completely the opposite of what she told you the day before, and will yell at you if you try to argue. So I'm just trying to stay off her radar as much as possible until 4:30 rolls around.

Please, clock! Move faster!!


On my living room end table...

...is an envelope from my cousin.

I know it's a birth announcement.

And I am afraid to open it.


I am two for two, getting birth announcements from cousins while I'm on my period.

I think they got together and planned it. There's no other explanation for it.

But I can have a beer. And they can't. :P


Pampers and granny panties

In honor of me being on day 2 of my cycle and the several others out there in blogland enjoying a visit from the hag as well, I'm dedicating this post to our dear pal, Aunt Flo.

Aunt Flo, I just want you to know that you suck. There is not one good thing about you.

I mean seriously. First of all, there's the cramps. Remember in elementary school when we learned about the menstrual cycle and they told us crap like "Your period doesn't hurt"? BULLSHIT. Most months I have to carry a bottle of Advil and a bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol with me everywhere I go. And yes, I take them together, for the first 3 days of my period. I'm sure more than one of you take prescriptions for the pain. Enough with the lies already! To those elementary/middle school health teachers I say, suck it!

Then there's the bloating, the bitchiness, the swelling of various body parts, and the emotions. There is no single pill to take care of all these things (but a martini or two sure helps me, I can't speak for the hubs though...).

You get to choose between a. shoving items of questionable safety into your body or b. sitting on pampers all day long (or in some cases both). I don't know about the rest of you, but neither of these options is particularly appealing to me.

You have to designate your most "comfortable" pair of granny panties (or 3) as your "period panties" to avoid ruining your "good" undies. And speaking of which - the risk of ruining other articles of clothing is extremely high!

If you don't have to avoid sex entirely, you have to avoid some of the more "fun" aspects of sex. Or you can choose to do it in the shower, which we all know can be fun, if somewhat dangerous (depending on the size of your shower. Mine is tiny!).

So Aunt Flo, kick rocks already. We'd all be happier without you. Well, for about 9 months at least.


Aunt Flo and jewels

I was going to POAS tonight for the first time in MONTHS, but you guessed it, she showed up. Well, she's starting to anyway. I got the steady spotting going on, so hopefully she'll pick up by tonight and not drag this out any more than necessary. Okay then. :P Moving on.

I think I posted a while ago about my friend Tracy who has been making and selling jewelry, and how I made my modeling debut showing off some of her creations a few weeks back. Well, she has posted the photos to her website, and at the risk of shamelessly plugging my friend's new business AND sounding vain, I'm posting the link. Hey, this is my blog and I do what I want. Deal with it.

Sorry, I told you AF started, I'm a tad hormonal okay?

She has made some very pretty pieces, and if the photos look good it's not because of my looks, it's because she is a gifted photographer to boot: http://www.jewelryfrommymind.com/. (If you want to see yours truly, just click on "Collections.")

I am so happy this day is finally almost over. I've had my boss go off on me for something ridiculous (she can be a bit nutty), annoying people surrounding me, and frustrating crap on my mind all day. Oh yeah and I came in early. 4:30 can't get here soon enough!

Zits and the weekend

Can I just say that I have ten times more breakouts now than I ever did as a teenager? WTH? Especially right before AF, but this month is even worse than usual. I feel like I just hit puberty all over again or something.

Okay, since I know you're dying to know ;) hubs' and my anniversary weekend ROCKED. We ended up staying in a really nice, small hotel in Avila Beach (Central Coast CA). I just love the central coast, it's gorgeous - rolling hills, vineyards, and oak trees... We always talk about retiring there. The hotel was beautiful, it didn't look like a standard hotel at all. It had a fireplace, gorgeous bathroom, and a little two person hot tub on the balcony. Very romantic! :)

Hubs' big surprise for me was taking me to our all-time favorite winery (Justin) in Paso Robles. It was about an hour drive from our hotel, and we had to take this winding, narrow back road for MILES to get there. I had no idea where we were headed and kept asking hubs if he was taking me somewhere to do away with me. He said yes, he dug a hole for me where no one would ever find my body. Aww, if that's not love I don't know what is! Anyway, at Justin we did a tour and tasting, and we ended up joining their wine club too. It was AWESOME. They have these caves dug out (well, dynamited out) of the hill where they keep all their barrels, and we got to wander through them. Later we met up with a friend of hubs' who lives in San Luis Obispo, had a late lunch with him and hung out a while, then went back to Avila to go down to the beach and watch the sun set. I of course forgot my camera, but I bought a disposable - so I'm going to have them make a disc when I get the pics developed and I'll post them soon.

The best part - AF stayed away all weekend! I'm patiently awaiting her appearance even now actually. This C was such a waste with all my vag issues, so I'm ready for her to show up and get this next C going already! It's a tad odd, I haven't had much cramping at all and my bbs have just BARELY started getting sore now... I bet she is coming late. I just hope she isn't too mean. Or too late for that matter!

Happy Monday!! :P


This weekend

I just got really excited about me and hubs' trip this weekend!

Last night we got to talking about it. I still don't know the details, but he told me I need to pack a bathing suit, a dress or two, and cute jeans and tops, and that we are going to be up early on Saturday to go somewhere. He said he pretty much has us booked up the whole weekend. Oh, and that I'm not allowed to bring any of my PJ pants, haha (they are pretty ugly!). Then he let something slip about coming home on Sunday from an hour and a half away, but I think he's trying to throw me off course. There's nothing fun 1.5 hours north of here... I don't think...?

I've never let him surprise me like this before, so my excitement is like, at times 10 right now. He has tried once or twice before to surprise me with weekend trips, but I would always get it out of him. This time I'm trying really hard to be good!

By the way, I want to thank everyone who's following my friend Katherine's and my new blog! She said she's feeling the pressure now to post really good stuff. Then there's me, I can't seem to get anyone to be rude enough to me to warrant a post. Well, at least no one I can publicly mock without severe risk of retribution... Hopefully I'll be "inspired" soon!

Anyway, today, like the rest of the week, is DRAGGING!! It has to be over by now, right?? Geez...


CD 24 - Nothing to report

It's CD24 for me today. I've been having a little mild cramping here and there, just like the usual AF previews I get every month. My bbs are giving me a break from their usual post-O swelling and soreness which is quite nice.

Not that I am seriously thinking I could be KU, but you know how it is, any possibility is enough to get you over-analyzing! I just hope AF decides to wait until Monday to make her appearance. Hubs and I are going out of town for our anniversary this weekend, and it's supposed to be romantic. We can't get very romantic with crazy Aunt Flo hanging out in our hotel room!

OH AND -- I (along with my friend Katherine) have started a THIRD blog (I know, feel sorry for me that I am SUCH a goober to have 3 friggin' blogs). We both get irritated by bad manners, discourteous people, etc, so now we're blogging about it. If you want to check it out (and -subtle hint- follow!) it's at www.dontcalluskate.blogspot.com. I was thrilled to see that Tanya is our first official follower! Thanks Tanya!!

Anyway, back to my humdrum life at the bank! There are auditors wandering around everywhere, and a huge debit card fiasco to sort through. Not really my department but I have nothing else going on so I'm helping out. What a team player I am! :)


Infertility IRL

There are a couple of women who I'm acquainted with IRL who are also struggling with infertility. One I've known about for some time now, and another I just recently "found out" about. Both are wives of hubs' friends, and I know only a few details about their situations.

(I know, I should think of them as "my friends" too, but I just can't. I never hang out with them unless it's a group function or party. Hubs has a BIG, tight-knit group of friends, and although several of the wives have gotten to be really good friends with each other, well, I haven't.

But back to the point.)

Is it weird that I wish I could forge some kind of IF connection with these two women? I'm always wondering how they're doing, if there are any updates, etc. I guess maybe I'm used to the comfortable bond that all the We.bmd ladies have, that we're all about sharing every gory detail of every facet of TTC.

Okay, maybe I don't necessarily need to be THAT close to these two, but I feel like we have this commonality and it's a shame that we don't support each other, or share with each other at all for that matter. I don't know about them, but I know I don't get a whole ton of understanding from most people. It would just be nice to have someone to talk to IRL who "gets it" as much as my fabulous internet pals do.

I would try to bring it up, but I don't want to ask about them and risk making them uncomfortable, and I also don't want to be "that weird chick" who ends up spilling random personal tidbits to people I'm not that close with.

Sigh... Just another way infertility sucks I guess!


Weekend update freestyle

My brain is not very organized today, so this may be kinda disjointed. And long. :)

It was a pretty eventful weekend. I left work on Friday with a sinus headache, really feeling like I was getting sick, so I made a beeline to the grocery store and loaded up on vitamins. I ended up staying home instead of going out with hubs and everyone to see a local band play at our local concert venue. I downed echinacea and Emer.genC like they were going out of style, and watched Slumdog Millionaire (not bad, not particularly wonderful) by myself. I was SUPER bummed when hubs got home because he was going on and on about how great the concert was, the music was awesome, everyone loved them, they sold out the venue (1500 people!) etc. DANGIT! I am always missing out on the really cool stuff!

Saturday morning I wasn't feeling much better, so I kept downing my vitamins. Hubs got his motorcycle running (needed a new battery) and we cruised downtown for lunch. It was great, we haven't gotten to ride the motorcycle in a while, and now that we have it really feels like spring! After that I kept feeling better and better. I guess the vitamins worked!

Later that night I went out on the town with my SIL and her younger twin sisters for their 23rd birthday (I was good though!) while hubs went to another concert with his friends. The last place we ended up was this karaoke bar, and I saw the most HILARIOUS rendition of Like a Prayer. These two little girls (I say little because they were both petite and very thin, and looked all of 21 years old) couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, but they were dancing along with the music all over the stage. They were dressed pretty conservatively, but they were dancing like, well, like Madonna. It was so funny and the crowd loved them of course!

Sunday was Dodgers vs Padres and it was awesome. The family of a good friend of mine has these fantastic season seats - field level, behind home plate just on the third base side. So we got a set of tickets and went to the game with another couple. Dodgers won 7-3, making it a clean sweep of the Padres and they are undefeated at home this season! Woohoo!

So I am in a pretty good mood for a Monday, even though the day is already slow and dragging.

As for TTC, I'm not holding out much hope for this C. Hubs and I only BDed a few times around O time, and I stopped OPKing after I got that dang YI, so I really don't even know when I Oed. I'm expecting AF this weekend sometime, but hopefully I'll start a day or two late because hubs has been planning an anniversary getaway (all by himself!), as a surprise for me! I'm still not 100% sure what he has up his sleeve, but I have an idea of where we're going, which gives me other ideas of what we'll be doing there... but I can't be sure! I'm trying not to ruin the surprise by badgering him; if I do he'll eventually break down and tell me, I'm notorious for that!

In other TTC news, I have been doing a lot of thinking. Lately I have felt "okay" with not having children. I don't know if I'm just talking myself into it though, you know? Like maybe I'm getting so pessimistic about it that I'm starting to really believe it'll never happen, and planning my life accordingly. But in a positive light, I've been a lot more appreciative of what hubs and I have in each other, our situation, all the things we're able to do, etc. Maybe I'm getting way ahead of myself, but I'm starting to consider a child-free life if we're unable to conceive. We're still going to try for a few more years (if necessary), so nothing is decided of course. Just spilling out the stuff that's going through my head... Does everyone else think that far ahead?