Beer Festivus for the Rest of Us 2009

Check out our photos from Beer Festivus! You'll feel like you were there! :)

Our fancy logo (handmade by yours truly)

My mom (or the unibomber??), me, and my oldest friend in the world! (I mean, I've known her the longest. She's not the oldest of all my friends in the world.)
**Orange tint thanks to our tarp/tent thing**

Me and hubs lookin' all adorable.

The old people got cold and sat around the fire pit.

Casting ballots. Vote early, vote often!

What beer party is complete without a round of beer pong on the portable "Pong-a-Long"?


Tanya said...

looks like you guys had tons of fun... looks a lot funner than the movie beerfest anyway! And I love your logo...

Steph O. said...

This party sounds fun! We joke all the time about the Festivus episode & often threaten to start celebrating it. ;)

Allison said...

I want your hair!!

Okay, not *your* hair, but the cut. Very cute!

Looks like a great time!

Misty Dawn said...

I want a portable Beer Pong Table! That looks like fun! Thanks for sharing the pics.