CD 24 - Nothing to report

It's CD24 for me today. I've been having a little mild cramping here and there, just like the usual AF previews I get every month. My bbs are giving me a break from their usual post-O swelling and soreness which is quite nice.

Not that I am seriously thinking I could be KU, but you know how it is, any possibility is enough to get you over-analyzing! I just hope AF decides to wait until Monday to make her appearance. Hubs and I are going out of town for our anniversary this weekend, and it's supposed to be romantic. We can't get very romantic with crazy Aunt Flo hanging out in our hotel room!

OH AND -- I (along with my friend Katherine) have started a THIRD blog (I know, feel sorry for me that I am SUCH a goober to have 3 friggin' blogs). We both get irritated by bad manners, discourteous people, etc, so now we're blogging about it. If you want to check it out (and -subtle hint- follow!) it's at www.dontcalluskate.blogspot.com. I was thrilled to see that Tanya is our first official follower! Thanks Tanya!!

Anyway, back to my humdrum life at the bank! There are auditors wandering around everywhere, and a huge debit card fiasco to sort through. Not really my department but I have nothing else going on so I'm helping out. What a team player I am! :)


M said...

Oh I know about the overanalyzing all too well!! Stay away AF! Have so much fun on your weekend with DH. That sounds like something DH and I might need too.

Allison said...

Doing the "Stay Away AF" dance for you!!

What's the dance, you ask? It's a cross between a crazy-chicken dance and Elaine (Seinfeld). Not pretty, but I do it because I care.

Erin said...

Sorry, but it reminds me of the commerical where the woman and man are kissing and mother nature is standing there in her fairy costume and the women turns around and says "Not now mother nature, go AWAY, and mother nature says "But, I brought you your present this month." LOL, I LOVE that commerical.

I hope AF stays away for you for this weekend.

Auditors...fun, fun. I have a 5-year banking history. I was a teller, head teller, and then a customer service representative. I must say I am intereted in your new blog. I carried a lot of stories with me when I left the bank about the general public and how nasty they can be.

Have fun this weekend. :-)

Kitty said...

Thanks guys!!

Margriet you definitely should take a nice relaxing weekend with your DH soon. You deserve to be pampered.

LMAO at Erin and Allison - Those commercials are awesome! And that Seinfeld episode where Elaine dances is my ALL TIME FAVE!

Thanks for the laugh this morning :)