Seriously. This is getting ridiculous.

Today is CD16, and hubs and I have been BDing like crazy (almost every day, but not quite - hey that's crazy for us!). I'm not OPKing, but now I wish I would have been.

The problem is, my lady parts are driving me CRAZY. They're all itchy from all the activity. I get this sometimes, no idea why, and I don't know anyone else who gets it. It's not an infection or anything, just horrible irritation and itching. But if we try to BD tonight it probably will turn into an infection, or at best the irritation will be worse and prolonged by several days. Either way BD tonight would be painful.

So yeah. There's yet another C down the damn drain. :(

Ugh. I am in a terrible mood. Sorry to be such a downer. Hopefully I'll cheer up enough to post about the weekend later.


Erin said...


Has your doctor ever mentioned to you that HPV is causing your itchiness "irritation" problems? I have/had HPV years ago, and I also had serious issues with itching and irritation down there, mostly with sex. I had a doctor that would prescribe me some suppositories for the irritation and she told me that her sister had HPV and also had these symptoms.

No other doctor ever even mentioned that as a possibilty to me but her?

I just wanted to say hang in there and most likely it is the cause of HPV and that it WILL go away eventually.

Please make sure you go for your Paps! I had severe cervical dysplasia twice and had to have 2 LEEPS done to remove it.

Dot said...

Can you use some preseed to ease the itches ?

Steph O. said...

Do you use lubrication? Or, you could try the turkey baster method. (non-spermicidal condoms make that so much less messy than a cup)

Kitty said...

Thanks guys :) I probably do need to use lube with sex more often...

Erin - do you know what your doc prescribed? I used to get this steroid foam from my old doc, but he didn't say it was related to the HPV. Mine is extremely mild and my paps haven't even come up as abnormal in a few years now.

Erin said...

I'm sorry but I don't remember what it was.

Also, obviously you couldn't do this around "O" time but you could also try betadine douches. They used to help me too. They are the ones that say medicated on it.

I do feel for you having gone through a similiar experience. Hope you feel better soon.