Good good good

Okay vajay is healthy, probably just some trauma from our rambunctious BD sesh the other night. Whew! No more BDing after wine-filled evenings for me! Oh who am I kidding, whenever I drink wine I want to BD... And hubs sure isn't going to try to stop me.

I have NO motivation to clean the house right now. But if I don't do it now I'm going to have to get up early and do it before the party. And I reeeeeaaaally don't want to do that... Dangit!

Fine fine fine, here I go. :P

I wish this house would hurry up and learn how to clean itself...


Allison said...

Hooray! for the clean bill of health!

When your house finally learns, can it teach lessons? You'd make millions. I officially want my house to be the first student.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your vajay is healthy now !