TTC & Not TTC History

5/2007: Hubs and I are married!

6/2007-2/2008: Not trying, but not preventing

3/2008: Officially TTC. C's are regular, timed BD, OPKs, monitored CM.  We figure this thing is in the bag!

12/2008: We were wrong. After 10 C's went to the GP.  SA normal; pelvic u/s normal.

3/2009: Visited the gyn for more testing. All bloodwork is normal; HSG all clear.

12/2009: Laparoscopy finds the culprit - Stage II endometriosis lasered out.

1/2010: Started taking fertility supplements - raspberry leaf tea and royal jelly, experimented with some herbal teas too.

3/2010: A single round of 50mg Clomid (BFN, natch)

Somewhere in here I learn that both my mother and sister started perimenopause at 38.  Neat!! No pressure or anything!

4/2010: Started acupuncture for fertlity and TCM herbs.

5/2010: Started using Circle+Bloom (highly recommended!)

7/1/2010: Finally ask gyno for referral to RE.

7/3/2010: Knock me over with a feather, it's a BFP! Holy crap!!

7/29/2010: After over a week of spotting, first ultrasound shows no heartbeat, second confirms miscarriage.  It's all over at 8 weeks exactly.

8/30/2010: New C starts, back in the TTC saddle.  Taking it easy for a few months, no plans to go the RE just yet.

12/2010: Can't take it anymore! We're giving up on TTC.

8/17/2012: AF 5 days late... Surprise BFP!  (Cue everyone telling me I finally relaxed and it happened.)

4/24/13: Cadence is born (on my dad's birthday)!

4/2015: Miscarriage #2 after 5 months of TTC #2.

11/2015: BFP!  A wild and scary 1st trimester commences.  Spotting until 15 weeks.  Very slow growth (less than 30% HCG increase after 48 hours around 6 weeks, slow physical growth as well).  I am trying to be cautiously optimistic but am actually scared as hell another MC is imminent.

7/28/2016: Maxwell is born, full term and totally healthy!

11/2016: Hubs gets a vasectomy and our TTC and family-building days are officially behind us.