Weekend update

For not doing anything I planned on doing this weekend, it was actually pretty productive!

Let's see, on Saturday the hubs and I did some yard work, and he scrubbed the whole outside of the house and garage. I've never even thought about having to clean the outside of a house before, but ours was FILTHY. So we got one of those broom-lookin' things that you hook up to the hose and he went to town. He ended up soaking wet and ruined his cell phone (which he 'wisely' kept in his pocket the whole time), but the house looks great now! Unfortunately he is now bugging me twice as much as before about getting an iPhone. Oi. Boys.

Yesterday we went to breakfast with BIL and SIL, then back home for more work. Gotta get the house sparkling for Beer Festivus this weekend! We finally went out and bought plants for two areas in our backyard. I tilled them at least a couple months ago, but we just kept putting off buying plants for some reason. Well, now we have a red rose bush, 2 kinds of yellow lily, a hydrangea, 2 azaleas, a gerber daisy and a fern, and almost everything is already flowering. Hooray for buying plants in spring! We managed to get everything planted yesterday, and I figure with my black thumb, they should last at least a week right? So the yard will look nice for the party. I took some pictures so I could remember how they looked before I killed them, I'll try to post those later.

We had an Atticus scare yesterday too! He's an indoor cat, but I let him out in the backyard if either hubs or I is keeping an eye on him. Well as we were busy planting, he was going in and out of the house through the doggy door. I was sorta paying attention, saw him go in, but didn't see him come back out, and when we were done in the garden, he wasn't in the house. I panicked. He has never gone wandering around by himself and there are some SCARY looking stray cats in our neighborhood, so of course I start thinking the worst. We checked everywhere: all around the front and back yards, side of the house... nothing. Hubs starts talking about driving around the neighborhood to look. So I check the front yard one more time, walk around the side and there he is, casually hanging out in the neighbors bushes right next to our driveway. Damn cat! He scared the crap out of me! I can't imagine if it was my KID that wandered off, geez! Parenthood, even animal parenthood, is hard!

Last but not least, my friend Tracy got engaged this weekend! I've been anticipating this almost as much as she has, so we're both very excited. I love planning weddings and she promised I could help her. Hooray! When can we start planning?? ;) But seriously, she is a great girl, and she found herself a great guy. I am REALLY happy for them!!

Okay, gotta do some work now. Hope everyone is having a good Monday.


-my husband grows cotton- said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend! I am sorry the insurance thing didn't work out (I am behind on commenting on posts). That is a real downer when you were hoping to get in!

I am sure your flowers will do great :)

Lila said...

My weekend was nothing but gardening as well - it was the long weekend here and the weather was beautiful!