Weekend update freestyle

My brain is not very organized today, so this may be kinda disjointed. And long. :)

It was a pretty eventful weekend. I left work on Friday with a sinus headache, really feeling like I was getting sick, so I made a beeline to the grocery store and loaded up on vitamins. I ended up staying home instead of going out with hubs and everyone to see a local band play at our local concert venue. I downed echinacea and Emer.genC like they were going out of style, and watched Slumdog Millionaire (not bad, not particularly wonderful) by myself. I was SUPER bummed when hubs got home because he was going on and on about how great the concert was, the music was awesome, everyone loved them, they sold out the venue (1500 people!) etc. DANGIT! I am always missing out on the really cool stuff!

Saturday morning I wasn't feeling much better, so I kept downing my vitamins. Hubs got his motorcycle running (needed a new battery) and we cruised downtown for lunch. It was great, we haven't gotten to ride the motorcycle in a while, and now that we have it really feels like spring! After that I kept feeling better and better. I guess the vitamins worked!

Later that night I went out on the town with my SIL and her younger twin sisters for their 23rd birthday (I was good though!) while hubs went to another concert with his friends. The last place we ended up was this karaoke bar, and I saw the most HILARIOUS rendition of Like a Prayer. These two little girls (I say little because they were both petite and very thin, and looked all of 21 years old) couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, but they were dancing along with the music all over the stage. They were dressed pretty conservatively, but they were dancing like, well, like Madonna. It was so funny and the crowd loved them of course!

Sunday was Dodgers vs Padres and it was awesome. The family of a good friend of mine has these fantastic season seats - field level, behind home plate just on the third base side. So we got a set of tickets and went to the game with another couple. Dodgers won 7-3, making it a clean sweep of the Padres and they are undefeated at home this season! Woohoo!

So I am in a pretty good mood for a Monday, even though the day is already slow and dragging.

As for TTC, I'm not holding out much hope for this C. Hubs and I only BDed a few times around O time, and I stopped OPKing after I got that dang YI, so I really don't even know when I Oed. I'm expecting AF this weekend sometime, but hopefully I'll start a day or two late because hubs has been planning an anniversary getaway (all by himself!), as a surprise for me! I'm still not 100% sure what he has up his sleeve, but I have an idea of where we're going, which gives me other ideas of what we'll be doing there... but I can't be sure! I'm trying not to ruin the surprise by badgering him; if I do he'll eventually break down and tell me, I'm notorious for that!

In other TTC news, I have been doing a lot of thinking. Lately I have felt "okay" with not having children. I don't know if I'm just talking myself into it though, you know? Like maybe I'm getting so pessimistic about it that I'm starting to really believe it'll never happen, and planning my life accordingly. But in a positive light, I've been a lot more appreciative of what hubs and I have in each other, our situation, all the things we're able to do, etc. Maybe I'm getting way ahead of myself, but I'm starting to consider a child-free life if we're unable to conceive. We're still going to try for a few more years (if necessary), so nothing is decided of course. Just spilling out the stuff that's going through my head... Does everyone else think that far ahead?


Caitlin said...

I sometimes think ahead about what we would do if we were to live child-free. Frankly it scares the crap out of me. I've just always known I was going to be a mother. I'm sure down the road if nothing works I will start to accept it...

Anyway sounds like you had an okay weekend...sorry you missed the great concert!!

Allison said...

When DH and I were TAB, I tried for all 3 years to convince myself that I would be okay being child-free. I convinced myself that I would throw myself into work and school. That I would find a charity to help children.

But all said and told, I can't honestly say that I'd be happy being child-free. I'll do everything I can to have a LO of my own, and then I'll look to adoption. With or without DH. LOL