Infertility IRL

There are a couple of women who I'm acquainted with IRL who are also struggling with infertility. One I've known about for some time now, and another I just recently "found out" about. Both are wives of hubs' friends, and I know only a few details about their situations.

(I know, I should think of them as "my friends" too, but I just can't. I never hang out with them unless it's a group function or party. Hubs has a BIG, tight-knit group of friends, and although several of the wives have gotten to be really good friends with each other, well, I haven't.

But back to the point.)

Is it weird that I wish I could forge some kind of IF connection with these two women? I'm always wondering how they're doing, if there are any updates, etc. I guess maybe I'm used to the comfortable bond that all the We.bmd ladies have, that we're all about sharing every gory detail of every facet of TTC.

Okay, maybe I don't necessarily need to be THAT close to these two, but I feel like we have this commonality and it's a shame that we don't support each other, or share with each other at all for that matter. I don't know about them, but I know I don't get a whole ton of understanding from most people. It would just be nice to have someone to talk to IRL who "gets it" as much as my fabulous internet pals do.

I would try to bring it up, but I don't want to ask about them and risk making them uncomfortable, and I also don't want to be "that weird chick" who ends up spilling random personal tidbits to people I'm not that close with.

Sigh... Just another way infertility sucks I guess!


AJ48 said...

I bet you that they are thinking the same thing you are! I know I dont know these girls and its a shot in the dark, but why not ask them how they are doing? Since you do have a comonality they wont feel like you are prying. It would be more like sharing! : )

Its funny but I felt the same way with these 2 girls at my work. I didnt really know them and dont hang out with them outside of work. But they both go through infertility too. It took a lil while but now I have formed a close bond with both of them.

Maybe try and test the waters, bring it up very casually and if they seem uncomfortable about it then drop it and have another subject to fall back on.

I always try and think what have you got to lose? But you could gain a wonderful friendship. And it is nice to be able to have someone to talk to about infertility that really "gets it"

Good Luck!!

M said...

Hi Kitty!

Are the other 2 close with each other?? It would be great to be able to form a bond with some IRL TTCers but I understand your reluctance in giving out too much personal information too quick. I hope you are able to connect with each other. What I wouldn't give to have you all as my IRL friends!