I love my house. It is tiny and adorable - it's just 5 rooms and 875 square feet of 1950's charm with hardwood floors and a big backyard. It wasn't quite as adorable when we bought it a few months ago, however. The wood floors had been mistreated and were badly in need of sanding and refinishing (which we did ourselves), every wall was dirty eggshell white (which we cleaned, sanded and repainted ourselves), and the bathroom was a nightmare. We gutted that sucker the day after we closed escrow and owe its current glory (and it is glorious) to the hubs' dad, brother and 2 freelance tile guys. It took about 6 weeks to make the house liveable, but in the process I did manage to lose about 10 pounds, so not a bad deal all things considered!

There are some people, however, who don't think my house is as cute as I do, and they aren't shy about expressing that opinion. I don't understand this kind of person. Who walks into someone's house (the first house they've ever owned) and says things like, "Well you certainly have your work cut out for you" or "It looks a lot better than the last time I was here"? The kind of person who doesn't get invited to the housewarming party, that's who.

Luckily, I'm the sort of gal who takes life's lemons and makes lemonade. Yep. I'm using those comments as a catalyst to turn myself into a more assertive person. So the next time someone makes a rude comment about my tiny house, my plans for reproduction, or my iffy cooking skills, I'll smile sweetly and retort with a backhanded remark about their weight or female pattern baldness. :)

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