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Thank you for the condolences; Grandma’s funeral was as nice as a funeral could be.  It was good seeing my family and spending one last gathering at my grandparents’ house, which will unfortunately be sold shortly.   We were all able to go through the house and take anything we wanted to inherit, the best of which was my grandma’s artwork.  She had a big cabinet chock full of her paintings, sketches, and art class projects which we sort of auctioned off to everyone.  There was so much!  I got my hands on several – a couple of watercolors, a BIG framed landscape oil painting, and my favorite – a charcoal sketch of my mom when she was in her teens or early twenties.  It was the first time any of us had gone through her work and it was pretty amazing to see the variety and volume she produced!  There was definitely more than one something for everyone, and having some of her creations helps to soften the good-bye a bit.
So now, moving forward as we all must...
I can’t believe it’s already the end of October and the holidays are nearly upon us once again.  The Grinch side of me is like, “Shiz, it’s seriously gonna suck carting a cranky baby all over town on Thanksgiving and Christmas, cuz Lord knows she won’t nap with all that activity...” But my inner Grinch is being overridden by my excitement to see Cady’s reaction to the lights and trees and decorations and presents for the first time. So, I’m actually looking forward to the holidays this year.  A Christmas miracle indeed!  My baby girl has made my heart grow three times its size.
Well of course she has; Cady is pretty perfect I must say.  She’ll be six months old tomorrow and is growing way too quickly.  It really is going by so fast.  She sprung her first tooth a few weeks ago and its next-door neighbor just started peeking through yesterday, so teething has been a ton of fun.  She’s been sampling a few different foods, mostly fruit, and mostly frozen out of her mesh feeder since I never seem to have time to make the mushy food like I planned to.  Oh well.  She’ll learn how to eat out of a spoon eventually!
Besides her eating habits and teeth, Cady is doing great.  She is just dying to crawl, but in the meantime gets around wherever she wants by army-crawling and rolling, and only once has that meant crawling right off the bed.  Uhhh... oops.  At least it was a soft landing on the wadded up comforter!  She loves the cats and they mostly love her back.  Scout lets her grab her hair and ears over and over without getting annoyed.  Atticus has always been skittish around kids, but he’s been very good and is starting to warm up to Cady too.  She is a ridiculously happy baby who has never met a stranger and smiles at everyone and everything.  Not sure where she got that, it certainly doesn’t come from me.
I myself am still enjoying my job, although I keep toying with the idea of getting back on the hunt for something with benefits that pays a little more.  It is just so easy to stay where I am, with a great team and a simple but enjoyable workload.  But I would like to feel a little more challenged and get paid time off, or at least be closer to home.  Hubs’s job seems to be improving and he’s actually up for a promotion!  Keep your fingers crossed that it goes through like it should; I’m always wary when they make promises to him, but this time I’m pretty hopeful.  The accompanying raise will really help us get in a better position to move to a bigger house in the next year or so and the bungalow is feeling a tad crowded these days!
Speaking of which, work has stalled on our front yard makeover, but should be picking up again now that we have our finances in order.  That reminds me I need to take a “before” picture so I can WOW everyone with the improvements once it’s done!  I’m still hoping it will at least be close to finished by Thanksgiving, but at this point I’ll settle for Christmas.  It will be a very nice Christmas present for the whole fam. J
Okay I should probably at least pretend to be working.  I’m honing my excel skills by creating a game for my coworkers.  That’s like work, right?

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Wondering how you have been. Would love an update!!