Best laid plans of mice

I've been doing some research about how to be a better SAHM. And by "research" I mean I googled it and read one article. But I think it had some pretty solid advice, and of course the first thing I should do is make a schedule. So I'm giving myself a week to get a preliminary schedule together. I started working on it yesterday and was not prepared for what a pain in the ass it already is. I figured I'd start with school days (MWF) since those mornings are already pretty much done, that way I only have to plan out afternoons. I have hit a few roadblocks though, specifically that Max's nap times conflict with Cadence's tired times, which leads to excessive screen time, which leads to tantrums when I suggest turning the screen off, which leads to mommy wanting to start drinking.

But hey I have all week to figure out how to make it work without becoming an alcoholic!

I did manage to decide that on Thursdays we'll get out and do something fun and different for the tykes. This week we're going to the zoo and I'm finally going to renew my membership so we can go whenever we feel like it and not break the bank. There are plenty of free outdoor things to do around here but since we're having such a wet winter I need to find some more free/cheap indoor things.

The other thing I want to start doing is to get back into running. I felt so much happier and physically better when I was running regularly, but like everything else lately it's so hard to make it part of my routine. I did run yesterday actually! I'd decided that taking a walk to the supermarket would be more fun than driving there, so I put on my running shoes, loaded the kids into the stroller, and set out! Everyone was having a pretty good time until Max got overwhelmed at the store and promptly began screaming almost as soon as we got there. I finished up as quickly as I could and then ran the whole way back home, pausing only to let the one jiggly front wheel straighten out every now and then. Yep, he cried the whole way. And if I'm ever dumb enough to try that again I'm definitely going to use the jogger instead of the Winnebago sit and stand stroller. But we made it out of the house, I got some exercise, and I have enough food for 3 more dinners. So all in all I'll call it a success. Meanwhile I'm planning to sign up for a 5K so I have something besides my baby's freak-outs to motivate me to keep running.

It's a start, right? I feel accomplished already!

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Misty Dawn said...

I think I'd waived the white flag and left the items I was going to buy. LOL

We live .5 mile from a walmart and I have "thought" about doing this, getting the wagon or stroller and walking to Walmart. Then the fear of what do I do with the wagon or where do I put my groceries sets in. I may walk to McD's which is in front, then I know the kids get full bellies and play so I won't be as overwhelmed. Shopping at these ages sucks. Now that Connor is too big for the buggy he wants to push but he can't see where he is going and constantly hits people/items/endcaps. Then we get tantrums of "don't touch it, I'm doing it" or "you did it mommy, that wasn't my fault" ~eyeroll~

The loading/unloading in the car is a pain too. The carseats!! Baby R refuses to get in her carseat without a fight. I still haven't figured out what her problem is! We switched car seats from the infant to an old convertible of Connors which looks to me more comfy. I really think she hates to be confined.