One day I will write you a real post.  One with meaning and depth.  And it will be beautiful and glorious, and you will be a better person for having read it. 

Today, unfortunately, is not that day.  Today you get bullet points.
  • Did you know it's possible to throw your back out simply by waking up?  It's true!  And I'm living proof.  Early Monday morning I opened my sleepy eyes, went to roll over, and WHAM!  Instant excruciating pain.  I yelled.  A lot.  (I'm sure Hubs was super appreciative for that wake up call.)  It took both Hubs and me around 30 minutes just to figure out how to get me out of bed without making things worse.  Luckily he was able to call in sick and took me to the doctor.  I spent the next two days in a pain killer-induced fog, napping on the couch and vaguely listening to episode after episode of the old X-Men cartoon playing on TV.  I'm feeling somewhat better now, and I'm planning on a nice long visit to the masseuse this weekend.
  • I have mastered the growing of vegetables!  Okay that might be a stretch, but I have been successful in growing some vegetables.  I have a GIANT zucchini plant with 2 almost-fully-grown zucchinis on it, and I have baby tomatoes on both of my tomato vines too.  Which leads me to a question:  How do you know when a zucchini is ready to be picked?  To me they look just like the ones in the grocery store right now.  Should I pick them now?  Or will they keep getting bigger or what?  (See, I am not quite to "master" status just yet.)
  • Flowers on zucchini plants are GORGEOUS!
  • Work still sucks and so does the job market.
  • I'm very excited about Fourth of July this year because I'm taking a four-day weekend.  Yes, most of my excitement lately revolves around me not having to be at work.  Even having a totally jacked-up back was better than being at work.  But I digest.  That weekend my friend A and I are taking a two-hour drive to talk to her sister about starting a second chapter of our women's group.  Can you believe it?  I'm amazed we already have interest in chapters, and not just the one.  There's at least one other person interested in starting a chapter in her city too!  I shouldn't really be surprised, it's a great group and it's done wonders for my outlook on life.  Of course other people would want to be involved too!
  • Three weeks after that long weekend I'm taking my requisite 2 week vacation.  Ahhh... Even though it's forced on me every year, and even though it's a huge pain trying to divvy up the rest of my meager vacation allotment throughout the rest of the year, it's really nice to have 2 weeks away from work.  This year my vacay kicks off with...drumroll please...MY BIRTHDAY!  With any luck, my birthday this year will be infinitely better than the last (ya know, with that whole miscarriage thing).  So far so good.  I am already off the hook for planning my own celebration; my awesome SIL L and my amazing friend A are doing it for me!  I love them!  It's going to be a small cocktail party in my parents' backyard, something I've always wanted to do because my parents have a beautiful backyard that's just begging to be used for a cocktail party.  I can't wait.  After that I'll be spending some time puttering around the house, followed by a week camping at the beach.  Pleeeeease hurry up and get here, vacation time!!
That's all I've got for now.  Holy good gravy this day is dragging.  Times like this I wish I lived on the East Coast!


^J^ said...

Good for you! I can't grow anything, but I might have to try the zucchini's.....i am now intrigued by their flowers. Yippee for vacation & bday's!!! Hope your back heals quickly!

The Barreness said...

You are a master gardener in my book!! Enjoy the veggies, I am sure they will be the best you have ever tasted : )
Thank you for making me laugh and I will work on running a lot faster in an effort to make the world spin faster so your vacation can come quicker!

Heather said...

I get to go to Reno on my vacation. And it's for DH's softball tounrament. Admit it you're jealous. ugh.

Tracy said...

Someone told me that the bigger zucchinis are past the peak of perfection and aren't as good, so maybe pick one now? Did you know you can eat squash flowers? I had squash flower ravioli once and it was heavenly.

I'm envious of your vacation!

Stephanie said...

Ha ha! You had me at bullet points. Nice blog :)