Do you know what's the worst?  The absolute worst is getting sick for several days, then on the first day of feeling like a human being again, throwing out your back so bad that you spend the next week in a horizontal position loopy on painkillers and muscle relaxers, and generally feeling incredibly sorry for yourself.  Today, I am happy to announce, is the first day after the week of horizontality.  I'm still in pain, but I can move a little more freely and I can sit upright!  I'm considering venturing out to the drug store today, and I swear by all that is holy if I get into a car accident or some other horrible thing beyond my control befalls me, I'll... well... I don't know what I'll do but I will not be a happy camper.

Needless to say, December 2011 hasn't been very kind to me thus far.  But it's going to get better!  I managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done before I got sick and injured, so I just have a few more things to pick up before the big day (which I have all planned out since I had plenty of time to think about gift ideas while I was staring at the ceiling).  And Hubs has the whole week of Christmas off, so we're taking off to Denver for a few days.  We're staying at the same hotel we stayed in when we went on our road trip a couple years ago, which was a pretty saucy time that we're hoping to relive.  I even got a little somethin' from Vic's Secret to keep things spicy!  Yep.  Lots to look forward to. ;)

On the job front... nothing to report.  I finally admitted to Hubs (and myself) that I am terrified of going back to work.  I'm even terrified of interviewing!  There are so many thoughts circling my brain about it.  I'm afraid that I'll end up with another job that I can't stand; that I'm wasting my life away doing work I hate and having no idea what kind of job would make me feel more fulfilled and productive.  And that, even if I do figure out what I want to be when I grow up, I'll never find a job in a field I enjoy in this crappy economy.  So there you have it.  I'm a coward.  And I'm not real sure how to overcome it.  I may go to the career center in town and take an interview workshop or something to help get my confidence back up.  I guess that would be a reasonable first step, right?  

So things are mostly good and a little confusing.  I guess that's not so bad all things considered.  I'm feeling a lot more relaxed and happy (minus the past week or so, of course) than I have in years, and for the most part I'm focusing on that.  

Now to venture out into the world for the first time in DAYS.  Hallelujah! 


Heather said...

Yuck for feeling sick. It must be traveling around the state of california. we all have been sick too. i just want it to leave this house and never come back.
enjoy your trip to colorado. i would love to go there again.

My Vegas said...

Ohhh. I love Colorado this time of year! Have a great trip.

Oh, and I interview terribly. I suck at it, so I have no advice for you. Job searching totaly sucks.

Cheers to a much better December!

^J^ said...

Wow, you've really had a rough few weeks! Glad you are on the mend though!! I guess that's put a damper on your funemployment, huh?

Good luck on your job interview! If they don't pick you, it's their loss! :)