32 weeks

32 Weeks today and holy shit.  I still have moments where I look at Hubs and say, "I can't believe we're going to have a kid."  (I know, I should say "child" like my MIL prefers, but I don't, hehe.)  It's so surreal to be pregnant and it's hard picturing life as a parent!

I have a feeling once we really get going on her room it'll become more real.  So far not much has changed around the house.  We managed to get her closet and built-in cabinets and drawers cleaned out to start making room, but the office is still an office otherwise.  Everything is planned though!  It's going to be really cute and colorful and fun, so I'm excited; I'm just a procrastinator.  Story of my life.

My shower is only three weeks away!  Another thing I procrastinated on - making a guest list and getting addresses together for my friends who are planning it.  Finally got them all today though, it's not TOO too late, right?  Oh well.  After deciding to do an open-house, co-ed shindig at my in-laws' house, and then writing out our initial guest list and coming up with over 100 people, I was really stressing.  That was just way too many people, and I couldn't decide who to cut... especially since I'd already told a bunch of people about it and let them know they'd be invited.  Oops!  So I talked to my mom who made me feel better about cutting out some family members who live hours away.  Then I talked to my MIL who told me to just invite everyone and not worry about it.  It's open-house so as long as the invitations are clear about it being a "stop by at your own convenience" kind of thing everyone won't be there all at once.  So that's what I did.  Yep.  We're inviting well over 100 people and damn the consequences!  It's gonna be a regular rager.

Now, because I'm hormonal and everything annoys me these days, I need to vent.  As I mentioned I totally slacked on getting the guest list out to my friends.  Well, the other day I messaged a bunch of the invitees on FB requesting their addresses so I could do so.  One of these people was my aunt, who in her reply made sure to "ask" that her DIL also be invited.  Ahem.  First of all, yes, she is invited.  She and my cousin live with my aunt and uncle, so even if I didn't want to invite them (which for the record was not the case, even when I thought I had to shorten the list) I kind of have to.  Second, don't tell me who to invite.  Third, don't insinuate that I intended to be rude and not including the cousins who live closest to me of all my cousins.  Okay so that ticked me off and I didn't reply, just figured she'll be happy when they all get their invitations this week and no one was forgotten.  So then today I get another message from her.  Seems my aunt spoke with her other son's wife and that DIL hadn't heard anything about the shower, so could I make sure to include her too.  Ahem again.  She is already on the GD list.  I included said second cousin himself on the original message (not his wife because I see him post stuff on FB but rarely her).  Quit looking for nonexistant drama, people!  I replied as non-irritatedly as I could that yes, everyone is invited, guys too (since she was only apparently concerned about the ladies I figured she missed the whole "co-ed" thing), and that the invitations will be going out this week.  Sigh...  Maybe I shouldn't be annoyed.  Maybe I should just be really, incredibly flattered that my aunt thinks our shower is going to be such a major event that her DILs would be devastated if they didn't make the guest list.  Well, everyone can rest easy tonight knowing that they can all bask in my glowing presence soon enough.

So yeah, aside from the mood swings I'm feeling pretty good these days!  Sure, there are the hot flashes and leg cramps and constipation and utter forgetfulness and exhaustion and the boobs that won't stop growing and the sore ass and shortness of breath just from rolling over in bed, but it could really be so much worse.  I'm honestly very grateful that I'm as comfortable as I am, and that baby girl is healthy and active.  So no complaints here!  Except the ones about people who annoy me of course.  Which are numerous.


Anonymous said...

Well those annoyances will never go away, hormones or not LOL! People are just irritating!

Cant wait to hear all about your shower and OMG cannot believe you are coming down the homestretch!!! WOW!! This makes me tear up!!

xoxoxo Jen

Marianne said...

Oh my I can't believe you're so far along already!! Sounds like your shower will be amazing - I regretted not inviting more people so I think you're making the right decision!

Kate said...

So excited for you to have a killer shower and a beautiful little girl in 8 weeks!

You're better than me, I'd have just told the aunt to talk to so-and-so as they are arranging the shower. ;0)

Misty Dawn said...

Craziness!! Can't believe you are 32weeks!! acckkkk!!