This week thus far

Poor little Scout got fixed yesterday.  Is it weird that I felt a little twinge of guilt about that decision?  I'm sure she doesn't care one way or the other, but I just felt a tiny bit wrong taking away her ability to procreate.  Just writing that makes me want to laugh, it's so silly, right?  She is a cat, after all.  And I do agree with Bob Barker's famous sign-off to control the pet population!  Plus I really don't want every stray cat in the neighborhood spraying my house when she goes into heat.  Anyway, she's doing fine.  Poor thing was so swollen yesterday, but she was still dying to play even though she couldn't move around as well as usual and Atticus refused to have anything to do with her since she came home from the vet apparently smelling funky.  Today she seems to have forgotten all about her surgery and for the life of me I can't get her to take it easy and quit jumping and climbing on everything.  I guess that's a good sign though! 

Yesterday I also had a good doctor's appointment.  The results of my glucose screen came back fine, so I can continue giving in to my insane sugar cravings... Cookies and ice cream and candy... Mmmmm...  Got my rhogam shot too, wee.  Also Hubs and I got a lot of questions answered.  You already know I'm leaning on the hippie side of wanting a natural birth - no induction, try anything to prevent a c-section, and (GULP) going to try to avoid an epidural.  Well Hubs and I were even starting to consider going to a birth center instead of the hospital, but we both really like our doctor's office and didn't want to have to switch.  Luckily, we got acceptable answers to all our questions, so we're sticking with our decision to give birth at the hospital, with a midwife rather than one of the doctors.  It is so weird to be thinking about these kinds of things and making these decisions now.  It's like when I was first learning about infertility, taking in all the information I could, and deciding what path to take toward family-building.  And at the same time, it sort of feels like the culmination of all that combined knowledge...  If that makes any sense...

Today I felt the baby get the hiccups for the first time.  It was pretty cute.  She's moving like crazy lately, hopefully into a nice, comfortable head-down position.

So what I meant to do tonight was make a plan and set goals for turning the office into the baby's room, but instead I went on Pinterest and then spent way too much time writing this post.  And now it's time for bed.  So the nursery waits another day... or week... or whatever.  Good night.


Christina said...

Good luck with your natural birth. I know a lot of people who have done it and didn't regret it at all. I was considering that way until I grew an enormous baby that refused to put her head down!

I love your nursery ideas on Pinterest by the way :)

Kate said...

So glad to hear that you're thinking of your birth plan - just remember that it's a plan and could get blown out of the water when you least expect it - I soo hope that it doesn't for you, but be prepared emotionally just in case. Mine didn't go at all like I expected it to!

Emily said...

This is exciting stuff!!! Can't wait to hear about the nursery!! Take Care!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everything is going well for you!! I love the hiccups, so so cute!

I agree with Kate about the birth plan. With my first daughter, I had the EXACT same plan that you have: Bradley Method, midwife assisted birth, BUT in the hospital, just in case something happened. I wanted to go natural for as long as I could, but swore I wouldn't beat myself up about it if it didn't happen. THEN I went from having three completely mellow contractions 15 minutes apart, immediately to contractions 3 minutes apart and 60-90 seconds long. The first thing I did when we got to the hospital was scream for an epidural. My whole labor was a little under six hours long, which was NOT what I'd expected, and I was VERY pleased that I had the epidural.

With my second daughter, who's two and a half weeks old now, based on my experiences with my first I wanted an epidural IMMEDIATELY when I got to the hospital, and I made sure everyone involved knew it. Turns out, by the time I got to the hospital (a mere hour and 15 minutes after my very first contraction) I was already 9.5 cm dilated, and it was too late for an epidural, and I had to have her naturally, which was a total mindfuck. Neither of my deliveries went even CLOSE to how I "planned" them, HOWEVER I could not be happier that they were both quick, uncomplicated, and vaginal. Even though it didn't work out the way I thought it would or wanted it to, the end results were healthy and beautiful girls. Just don't lose sight of the main goal :) Just had to comment because your birth plan is so similar to what we had been hoping for the first time around, and what we ended up doing the second time.