Today I went in for my weekly OB appointment, at 40 weeks 1 day. Baby is doing fine, ultrasound showed plenty of fluid so there was no need for any serious induction talk just yet. I was still only 1 cm ("A nice, loose one," the midwife said. To which Hubs replied, "That's what I said when I met her!" Wah-wah...) so she wound up stripping my membranes. OH MY GOOD GOD was that unpleasant. Apparently this procedure is supposed to get the prostoglandins going and help start labor, and combined with the sexin' we did this morning maybe something will actually work. So far I just feel crampy and extra uncomfortable. If she holds out another week we go back next Monday for another ultrasound and more fingers in my hoo-hah.

I've been getting plenty of sleep this weekend and today, as folks are always advising me to do before the kid arrives, and I still feel tired and grumpy. Hubs got the afternoon off today, and is also off tomorrow, so lucky he will get to experience my moodiness to the utmost. He handled it pretty well today and got me a tub full of hot water for a nice peppermint foot soak to help relax me. Smart hubby! 

I decided to risk the migraines for the past week or so and start eating all the crap I want again, and what do you know, I got a migraine yesterday. So now I'm back to getting to have no fun at all limiting my sugar intake. Dammit. I'm planning to stock up on frozen fruit tomorrow so I can at least make some smoothies and pretend they're ice cream.

So the wait continues, as do my bland posts. Hopefully I'll be able to share some excitement soon.


Alex said...

Thinking of you as you await the arrival of your baby!!!

Christina said...

Hope you get some excitement soon!

Emily said...

Hope something starts happening soon!!!

Kate said...

Hoping the quiet here means that your beautiful girl has arrived and you're all doing well!