Lucky 11

Long story short - I hit an Infiniti yesterday in my haste to get to the pharmacy to buy an item that will hopefully facilitate conception. This has not been my week, to say the least. But, since I'm determined to look at the brighter side of things lately, I mentioned to a friend that at least this accident is redirecting my stress off of babymaking for a while. Her response was, "Watch, now you'll end up getting pregnant and you'll have to name your baby Infiniti." That got me thinking...

Another friend told me to embrace Murphy's Law not too long ago. She said I should plan trips and other things that I won't be able to do if I'm pregnant, like wine tasting, flying in my dad's plane, etc. So I figure I'm going to take both of their advice. Here goes: If I get pregnant this month, the baby is going to be named Infiniti (a middle name). If we back out of this promise, we're going to YouTube the birth. I don't know who'd want to see that, but my friend decided that would be the penalty. I hate, hate, HATE being on camera as it is, so yeah, that's a pretty good punishment.

Okay, here we go, on to (hopefully) Lucky Month Eleven!

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