:P Unlucky 11

Well that was a bust! AF showed up not one minute late! What a hussy. I don't have any clever ideas for month 12, all I know is if this month isn't THE month, next month I'll be heading to the gyn, and I am not looking forward to that.


AJ48 said...

Aww. I am sorry that AF showed up. It is disheartening isn't it? Then of course your in such a slum for the next day or so : (

Have you thought about going to see a fertility specialist? Sometimes its better to go to a specialist. I went to my gyn but didnt really get the response that I wanted. Now I go to my RE and although I havent had success just yet, I at least feel like we are doing everything in our power to get me knocked up! LOL

Good Luck this C! Baby Dust!!

carrie said...

Here from Blogger Bingo. I'm so sorry that you are still struggling to have a baby. I saw your time line and it looks like you are ready to start trying again. Good luck!