Taking a breather

Without going into details, we have to take this cycle and next off of TTCing (TingTC?). Ya know, though, maybe it is for the best. I keep saying how I need to relax, quit putting so much pressure on myself, etc., but every month as soon as I ovulate the possibility of being pregnant (however remote) is the only thing I can think about. Maybe a couple months of knowing it won't happen will help me start focusing my energies in other directions, and make it easier when we start trying again in a couple months. Let's hope.

Luckily I do have some projects in the works to keep myself diverted:

1. I'm getting back into Photoshop, hooray! I set up an account on Etsy where I'll be selling custom invitations, announcements, thank you cards, and the like. So far I have two whole designs! Haha. But that's been fun for me so far. BONUS - it will help to expand my options for conversation topics with my two domestic and creative sisters-in-law.

2. A friend and I are writing a book together. We just started working on it this month and are putting an outline together right now. It will probably take us a good six months to actually write it, and once we get into it I'm sure it will start taking over - and that's a good thing! I love writing almost as much as I love Photoshopping. I even kind of miss college because I enjoyed writing papers so much... Sad, I know.

3. I need to start planning and planting my garden soon. It's been raining like crazy here lately, which is awesome since California is in a drought right now, but it has definitely hindered my home improvements timetable! I suppose I could take this time to research what kind of plants will grow back there, since I'm clueless about that stuff and my thumb is decidedly black.

4. With the rain comes snow, and I need to go snowboarding more often. I have a brand new snowboard, free access to a cabin in Big Bear practically whenever I want, and about 6 friends who'd like to go with me at any given time. What's my problem? I really should take more advantage of that.

Okay I feel better now. With all this stuff to do, who has time for babymaking anyway?

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AJ48 said...

Sometimes its better to keep yourself busy and thinking of other things besides baby making! Helps bring the fun sex life back :) instead of the "we have to BD now!" So unromantic.

Enjoy your next 2 months!!!