So here's what happened

Thanks so much for all of the comments and good thoughts.  I think they helped!

The reader's digest version of what happened is this:  Right in the middle of this HUGE project both my departments are spending hours upon hours of overtime working on, one of them got fired yesterday.  I honestly can't blame the company for doing it, although it's extremely unfortunate for the girl who got fired.  As well as for myself since I'm shortstaffed until they can find a replacement, which will probably be a few weeks, and my other two employees since their jobs are being turned upside-down to provide coverage.  My departments were understaffed as it was, and this just pushes us over the edge.  Now nobody can get sick or take a day off because the Hag (remember her?) refuses to "share" any of her employees, a handful of which are trained to cover us.

It's just a big fat mess.  Oh yeah, and I found out today that starting the 31st they're changing who I'm reporting to.  Again.  This would be boss number 3 in as many years.  Neat.

But like I said, your thoughts and prayers must have helped because I'm in a surprisingly good mood now. Even though I'm exhausted, and even though the Hag was being a hag to me all day, and even though another annoying coworker tried (quite unsuccessfully) to throw me under the bus this afternoon, I'm feeling good.  Like, confident even.  It's been a long time since I felt confident at work.  That's not enough to make me want to stay for any longer than I have to, but hopefully it will last long enough to get me through the worst.

And now - it's a three day weekend!  And it's supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees all weekend!  And I'm going to enjoy every last minute of it while pretending my job doesn't exist!


Alex said...

Oh wow - this sounds awful! But good for you for feeling good and confident at work - amazing!

Enjoy your weekend!

Heather said...

yuck, that sounds like an awful day. and that stinks about that girl getting fired. the hag is an awful person, she needs to learn to share. wouldnt things go more smoothly if she shared? geesh