Shop Your Closet

If you're like me, you occasionally (or frequently) get tired and frustrated by your wardrobe, but are too poor/frugal/uninspired to purchase new pieces to spice it up. Shoot, even when I do buy new pieces to add to my existing repertoire I don't know what to do with them half the time! I end up with really cute shoes and jackets that I don't think "go" with my average-looking skirts and pants, so they sit on a hanger in my closet where nobody can appreciate my good style. Meanwhile, I continue to wear the clothes I'm comfortable with, but that don't always do justice to my taste.

Luckily, I have a friend with a similar problem, so we agreed to help one other out. We each spent an afternoon at the other's home, rifling through each other's clothes and putting outfits together. It's amazing what a fresh eye can do for a seemingly stale wardrobe, and now we both have several "new" ensembles to liven up our trousseaux.  As it turns out, we already had everything we needed to dress as cute as we want!

If you feel like your wardrobe is a little lackluster, try asking a friend to make outfits out of your existing clothing options, and I bet you'll find that there are at least a few cute combinations you never even thought of. And you won't have to spend a dime!

I needed help with day-to-day outfits and stuff to wear when I'm out with the girls.  Annette needed help with work ensembles.  Here are a few of our favorites (never mind our makeup-free faces and lack of modeling skills):

I bought this green jacket for work over 3 years ago and haven't worn it for at least 2.

This cropped tweed jacket rarely sees the light of day, but it's making a comeback!

My fave: Khaki trench-style jacket that was part of a skirt suit. I never thought about wearing it separately! Paired with a denim-look skirt and magenta slingbacks that I also hardly ever wear. (This jacket also looks amazing with skinny jeans and peep-toe wedges!)

New office friendly use for a cute and flowy giraffe-print top!

This never-worn-by-Annette woven hand-me-down belt now finishes off 3 or 4 outfits, including 2 work ensembles (one of which includes the pencil skirt above).

We paired this super cute vintage skirt with a sheer blouse and perked it up with accessories to boot!

Now go find some new outfits in your closet!


The Barreness said...

SUPER cute outfits!!
I am going to dive into my closet when I get home, thanks for the inspiration

^J^ said...

Awesome idea! Thanks Kitty!! So, whens you're trip to Texas to go through my closet?!? ; )

Emily said...

this is a great idea!! You girls did fabulous!!!