I can't remember a time when Valentine's Day was a particularly romantic holiday for me.  Hubs and I usually stay home and avoid the restaurant swarms, and now that our income has been cut back so much we can't afford flowers marked up 100%.  BH (Before Hubs) I rarely had a date on V-Day unless I had a current boyfriend, and before that I was always working in my parents' shop.

Oh how life comes full circle sometimes, eh?  Yesterday felt kinda like high school/junior college all over again, but in a really good way!  In an effort to kick off my new business venture I plastered flyers all over town and emailed and Facebooked everyone I know to let them know about the Valentine's Day balloon bouquets I was selling.  To be honest, word of mouth worked a lot better than the flyers (I only got one sale from them), but in the end it was a BIG success!!  I even got an order for a ton of balloons for a local restaurant.  The owner remembered me from the days my parents had their party store and she was really happy with the balloons I did for her.  It almost feels like I'm in business or something!

After a full busy day, Hubs and I celebrated VD by getting takeout from Macaroni Grill and watching "Arthur."  Then I promptly passed out at 10:30 and slept for 11 hours.

I can't wait to get started working on the next leg of this venture!  I may have a storefront in the not-too-distant future... :)


Kate said...

Yay Kitty!!! This sounds like fun!

The Barreness said...

How totally wonderful!!!

Misty Dawn said...

Good for you girl!!

Heather said...

How cool! Congrats and best of luck!