I'm hopping on the latest blog trend and participating in Bring Your Own Crazy since it's a holiday weekend and my workday is dragging like a... a... well I can't think of anything funny that drags right now.  Probably because my brain has been on vacation since yesterday at about 3:00 p.m.  It's a good thing all BYOC requires is for the blogger to answer some questions, so not too much thought required!

Thank you Sweet Pea for spreading the word!

1. When is the last time you gave and got a compliment?  Today!  A coworker complimented me on my top, and I complimented one of my employees on her sparkly purple nail polish.

2. What do you wear to bed?  This is an interesting question because I'm in the process of updating my bedtime wardrobe.  I normally wear PJ pants or shorts and a tank top or t-shirt.  However, all my old PJ bottoms are older than God and uglier than sin (you see what I did there?) and Hubs hates them.  I'll stick with the same basic uniform for the most part, but out with the old and in with the new!  I just started ordering some new stuff this week actually. 

Eh, I guess it wasn't that interesting after all.

3. If you could pick your dream job - with no worries of shifts or money or bosses or commute - what would it be and where?  I would love to be a backup singer, and if I'm dreaming big here, might as well be in Hawaii!

4.  Okay - I'm not trying to start some huge controversy with this question but I have to put it out there.  If you're being honest - do you think staying at home or working outside the home is harder?  Can you honestly recognize they are both equally hard?  Even if you don't have kids - have you heard others talk about the two professions judgmentally?  I'm not going to lie, for me it would be much, much easier to stay at home than to work at the job I'm currently at.  But I don't have kids and my house doesn't take that much work to maintain.  I'm not sure you can generalize an answer to this question because everyone's situation is so unique.  If I were to compare myself four years ago to a stay-at-home mom with several kids, I think I could honestly say that the SAHM's job would be harder.  But that's because I LOVED my old job and got to come home to a quiet, relaxing household every day.  Have I heard others talk about the two professions judgmentally?  Of course!  Who hasn't?  And if I can rock the boat just a tad, it always amuses me how quickly SAHM's jump on the defensive as soon as anyone says anything remotely related to being a stay-at-home, even if there is zero judgment being passed on SAHM's.  I had this happen to me on my FB status once.  I was totally talking about my own personal experience, no judgment on anyone whatsoever, and all these moms started chiming in like I'd told them they were worthless.  Relax, ladies!  If I was going to be bitchy to you I certainly wouldn't do it on FB where you could defend yourselves.  I'd do it behind your backs like any other self-respecting woman!  (Kidding!  Mostly... ;)

5.  Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.  Uhhh... I only posted twice on my blog this week (not counting today), so if you want to know what happened here, please go back and read my carefully selected words from my prior posts!

Sigh... Okay fine, if you're going to be lazy about it ;) - I posted about finally finding some happiness in being childless, and I also posted about my backyard.

In real life I've been ridiculously PMSed and super bitchy.  Has that not come across in this post?  If not I apologize, and I promise to do better next time.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Heather said...

This is funny. Gives us an insight into your life. And i'm loving BYOC. I think I live in BYOC land.