Spring Fever Challenge Week 5

I'm starting pretty late on the Spring Fever Challenge through Life's Journey With a Smile, but better late than never, right?  Now that we're about halfway through spring, it's a good time to reflect on the past several weeks and start looking forward to meeting some goals over the next several weeks!  I've never been a huge fan of spring, I've always preferred the hot, sunny days of summer and the crispness of autumn.  But this year I'm excited about the flowers blooming, the veggies sprouting, and the prospect of getting a lot of much-needed projects done around the house!  So here I am :)

What have you done this past week to help you reach your SFC goals? 
To be honest, I didn't do much! 

Goal 1: Create a Chore Chart Well, I did hang a calendar in the hallway so that I could use it to create a chore chart, so I guess that's something.  (And it's a really pretty calendar too.  The theme of it is the Year of the Rabbit, for the Chinese zodiac.  Every page has a beautiful watercolor painting of a rabbit making his way through part of his day, jumping over logs, rivers, etc.)

Goal 2: Cook a Real Dinner (including at least 1 veggie) 3 Times a Week Uh, yeah, this also didn't happen.  But I did make a real dinner at least twice last week!  And at least one time I made a bunch of veggies!

Goal 3: Buy Some Watercolors and Start Painting Nope.  But again, my pretty calendar is sort of inspiring me to get on this!

Goal 4: Read Every Day Kinda!  I'm almost done with "Committed," I read blogs every day, and I read an article about the Royal Wedding yesterday... I think I should change this one to, "Read from a book every day."

Goal 5: Work on My Book Every Day Uh, yeah, flat-out failed on this one.  I think I worked on it once this week.

What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
To be honest, last week was a bit rough!  I was pretty proud of myself for surprising Hubs with dinner on Friday night even though I was exhausted and we'd already decided it was a YOYO (Your On Your Own) dinner night.  Also, I did call in sick on Thursday and Hubs and I enjoyed a fabulous day at home.  We worked on the yards, ran errands, and hung out together.

It's May! What were your victories and challenges in April?
Since I didn't participate in SFC last month I don't have anything specific to my goals to add here.  But April was a huge challenge at work!  It was so incredibly busy with the conversion of our new acquisition, but I pushed through it and survived.  That right there is a victory!

Do you have any plans for the challenge in May?
I may edit some of my goals so that I can include "improving my attitude" in there.  Now that my calendar is up I have no excuse for turning it into a chore chart, so that should be easy enough!  (The hard part will be sticking to it.)  I bought a book called "Savvy Auntie" on Am.a.zon over the weekend, and as soon as I'm done with "Committed" I'm moving on to "The Happiness Project," so I think it will be pretty easy to stick to goal #4.  And maybe if I put "work on my book" on every day of the calendar I'll get some more written!

And finally, my positive image for the week!  Since I didn't take any good pictures last week, I'm stealing this from the interwebs.  I know, I know, I've failed at everything SFC-related this week!  Oy!  Next week I promise to be better.  Until then, here's my image, I'm hoping it does the trick to help me perk up today:


Anonymous said...

You joined in on the SFC and I bailed on it !!! lol...

You are moving a in more positive direction so next week I am sure that you will be able to accomplish more than you did this week !!!

^J^ said...

Good for you Kitty! I hope you can stick to your goals and make it through the challange!! Love that inspiration at the end....I've watered way too many weeds myself, maybe I should work on watering seeds instead!

Anonymous said...

Those sound like great goals!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The Happiness Project changed my life, seriously it's great! Have a good May :)

oh_mg said...

Those seem like really good, attainable goals - good luck! I want to read every day, too, it's so relaxing!

Holly said...

I really like your positive picture - great quote. I'd like to hear your thoughts on The Happiness Project - I can't decide if I want to read it or not. Good luck to you in May!

Ash said...

I'm new to your blog, buuuut, I can relate to the failing all things SFC this past week. Motivation failure! Lol.

We have similar goals, especially the positivity one, so I can't wait to see how you overcome your obstacles. I like the YOYO idea, too.. maybe if the hubs had to cook for himself more often, he'd appreciate it when I do it for him. ;)