Day off

I've got my neurologist appointment today, and I'm taking the day off from work.  So here I am in my fluffy robe, surrounded by sleeping kitties, thinking about what else I should do with my day. 

It's more for practicality's sake that I'm staying home from work, since even I agree I probably shouldn't be driving for any extended period of time while I have the potential to go blind at any moment.  And with the appointment in the middle of the day Hubs can't leave work to cart me all over god's creation.  So rather than drive myself 30 minutes to work and back for my appointment, I'll only have to drive 5 or 10 minutes to and from the doctor's office.  I've convinced myself migraines are the culprit so I'm not too worried about what the doctor will say, and I actually haven't had an "episode" since Friday.  Hopefully cutting back on sugar has done the trick!  I still get annoying headaches pretty regularly but no scary blindness for a few days now (knock on wood).

Now.  What to do with the rest of my day?  I have an office full of baby swag beckoning to me and I really want to make some progress on that nursery.  Ooh, I feel a tangent coming on...  Holy crap we got a lot of stuff at the shower!  Which, by the way, was an awesome party; my friends really pulled out all the stops!  When I told them about my preferences I just had a vague idea of what I wanted, and they literally made EVERYTHING I suggested (even just in passing) happen.  And it all fit together PERFECTLY.  I don't know how they did it!  We had a s'mores bar, a candy bar, and a popcorn bar, plus alllll kinds of yummy food and cupcakes.  There was the photo booth, and a bunch of little game stations throughout the house which no one was pressured into playing but a lot of people did.  Everything was so casual and fun for the guests - guys drank beer and did their thing, ladies drank cosmos (or in my case iced tea) and talked lady stuff; some people drove in from out of town and hung out all day, and some stopped by for half an hour before heading off somewhere else.  We had at least 50 guests (not including kids) show up, so it was hoppin' but not too crowded with people coming and going.  It was just absolutely perfect and I loved it!  As soon as I have some pictures I will post them for you.

So yeah.  Roomful of baby swag now, which is still in gift bags and tucked neatly into the one empty closet in the house, while the bigger items are in boxes in the middle of the office.  I'm thinking I ought to go buy paint for the dressers and the tree I want to paint on the wall.  Yes, paint should be priority #1.  And if I buy it today, there's a good chance that Hubs might actually do the painting tomorrow on his day off!  Look at me, I'm a genius.  Alrighty then, time to get stuff done!

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