Happy Easter to me - today I'm 37 weeks and officially full term!  Things are going fine except for the occasional migraine, which have gotten fewer and farther between over the past week or so.  I haven't had any Braxton Hicks or anything like that; just waiting for the little bambina to decide to make her appearance.  Which, for the record, I'd be totally okay with being any day now.  Yep, aaaaaany day she feels like she's ready.  Seriously.  Whenever would be fine.

Not that I'm getting impatient or anything, I'm just a little... okay I'm impatient.  I do feel pretty good, I'm still working and I'm trying to hold out for another two weeks before I take my leave.  I just have this feeling she's going to be late and I'd rather spend my time off work with my baby than sitting around the house for weeks waiting for my baby.  And it's not that I haven't enjoyed being pregnant, overall anyway.  But I'm dying to meet my kid and it does get a little old not being able to do fun stuff like roll over in bed, or fit into my maternity jeans anymore, or tie my own shoes, or for the love of all that is holy take a poop...  So yeah, I could be happy being done with all that at any point...

Her room is just about ready now.  It is super dang cute and once it's all together I'll post pictures!  I still need to find or make some artwork for the walls, install the closet organizer and finish putting all her gear away (which is currently taking up quality real estate in the middle of my living room).  But hey, at least we have everything now, and the office is no more, and she has a place to live!  That is serious progress.

Last week we had what I think is our last ultrasound and got a sorta decent picture of her face, which is as adorable as a shadowy gray and black image can be!  She's such a punk though, the tech tried again to get us a 3D image but as soon as she put the wand on my belly the baby turned her back to it and we didn't get a chance to see her face again.  Also I asked for confirmation of her girliness, but she was too scrunched up in there to see anything.  So I'm just hoping she's "still" a girl, only because I really don't want to paint over the big flowery tree my friend J and I spent all last Sunday creating on her wall!  And people have been trying to freak me out me all week saying stuff like, "You never know, techs have been known to be wrong!" and "Cousin J thought she was having a girl until little N was born!"  And then a couple of random strangers have "informed" me that I'm having a boy.  But it's not like I can worry about that now, we just have to wait and see at this point!

In other sorta related news, my new niece was born on Thursday!  Hubs's brother and his wife had their third (and last) little girl, and she is just adorable.  It was a scheduled c-section but she actually went into labor that morning so the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  They are all back home today and doing great!  I can't wait until the little cousins get to meet in person :)

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

The word "term" just makes me smile so big!!! Yayyy!!!! Can't wait to read your birth story any day now!!!

xoxoxo Jen