Too excited

Today is like Christmas, only better because it only happens like ONCE EVER, and I NEVER thought it was going to happen for me.  Today is SHOWER DAY!!  Woooooo!!!

I woke up without a headache too!  Double WOOOO!  I've been trying to figure out what's triggering these things (I'm pretty convinced they're migraines) and I have a feeling it might be at least partially due to the massive amounts of sugar I've been ingesting for the past month or so.  So I've been cutting back and the past 2 days have seemed a little better.  I did have one episode yesterday but it was very short-lived compared to the others.  Hopefully the neurologist will agree that my brain is unlikely to explode.

So.  Breakfast, shower (as in bathing myself), mani-pedi, then PARTY TIME!  I can't waaaaaaaiiiit!


The Barreness said...

Have a wonderful day! Soak it all in and enjoy

Kate said...

Can't wait to see pictures from your shower - I hope it was amazing!!

Christina said...

Hope you had fun at your shower :)