I guess this pregnancy has just been going too smoothly!  Now all of a sudden I've been getting these weird headaches for the past several days.  The best way I can describe them is like mini migraines: First my eyes start going and I can't focus on what's right in front of me.  Then I start seeing halos or auras that gradually expand and move from the center of my vision to the periphery until it eventually fades away.  Meanwhile the headache kicks in on one side of my head (usually the side opposite to where the halo moves), then my eyes feel really tired, like there's pressure on them, and I feel like I just want to lie down.  It all usually goes away after an hour or two and the headache doesn't get nearly as severe as a regular migraine, but I've gotten them every day this week and it's getting a little worrisome.

So today I went to my OB who confirmed it is not preeclampsia, referred me to a neurologist and gave me a note to miss work and basically be on modified bed rest "until further notice."  Well, I can't really afford to miss work since I'm temp and if I don't work I don't get paid!  But I'm taking today off, and assuming I don't feel any worse tomorrow I'm planning on going in.  Hubs and I carpool, so I figure as long as I'm not driving I'm safe enough at work, and that way he's only a couple blocks away instead of on the other side of the county like he would be if I were at home.  The baby is fine, wiggling around like crazy and has a nice strong heartbeat, so I don't think there's anything to worry about there.  My neurologist appointment is on Tuesday, and with any luck they'll tell me it's just migraines and not tumors or that my brain is going to explode.  I felt a little better after talking to my mom today; she told me a similar thing happened to her when she was 4 or 5 months pregnant with my brother and it turned out to be migraines.  She took a few days off work and was fine.  Migraines run in the family big time, and although I usually only get them every few years, pregnancy can do weird things to you.

In happier news my shower is this weekend and I'm pretty excited about that!  Hard to believe it is already just around the corner.

Okay I think I'm gonna take a cue from the cats (who are currently curled up on either side of me) and take myself a little nap right now!

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Kate said...

Glad you got them checked out, but sorry you have to deal with it! Rest up - that helps more than anything.