I've been really lazy this week, and it's not just because I'm "in a family way." Well, it is, but I'm totally milking it. What?? This could be the only time I ever have being pregnant! Hubs has been really nice, even though he knows I'm taking advantage. But it does get boring sitting on my butt all evening after I get home. Last night I did a little Wii Fit (don't worry, I took it easy) before becoming a couch potato, which was a nice change. I haven't been cooking either, so while my diet isn't nearly as bad as it used to be there's definitely room for improvement. It's taking a toll on my intestines too, which is only fun if hubs is laying on my side of the bed and I want him to move. Heh heh. I'm so gross.

So today marks the beginning of week 6; I've officially logged 5 full weeks of pregnancy. Apparently our little offspring is the size of a sesame seed and will soon have eyes and some other stuff. I forget what, but luckily there are tons of websites around to remind me. I feel pretty much fine, except for my ridiculously sore boobs. And I wouldn't say I'm exhausted, but I am more tired than usual, especially when I get up in the morning (today I slept through two snoozes, which I never do). So yep, I'm just cruising along so far.

I'm still trying not to worry about every little change that goes on with my body, or fret over what might happen, or what the chances are that something might happen. That said though, yes, I have asked Dr. Google about everything. At least I'm training myself to stop searching once I find an answer that puts my mind at ease! The manual (What to Expect) helps too. I thought about asking the gyno for a beta, but I doubt they'd even do it. It's not exactly a hold-your-hand-every-step-of-the-way kind of practice. So I think I'll just wait it out. My acupuncturist made me feel better on Tuesday though, he said the spotting I had before testing was probably the corpus luteum and wasn't worried about it. And he has me on some herbs that are supposed to help the little sucker stick and grow appropriately. I'll keep seeing him through the first trimester, and I get to go once more before my gyno visit, so that should help keep me calm in the meantime.

Back to work I go! It's almost Friday, ladies!! I hope you're having a great week :)


elephantscanremember said...

Yay! I am glad to hear of no more spotting. That's great!

I'd be milking it too. ;)

(What were those herbs and tea again?)

Heather said...

I just saw the news on the webmd board! This is so exciting! And what a great accomplishment that you did it without having to go to an RE.
When is your EDD?
And a HUGE congrats!!!!

Kitty said...

Thanks Heather!!

Sherry, the herbs I am on now are some formula called "an tai fang". I have no idea what's in it though. I wish I'd looked up the last herbs I was on but I didn't and I don't know the name of that formula :( Are you thinking of doing TCM?

Kitty said...

Oh yeah and my EDD is March 10 :)

Sweet Pea said...

Milk it for all you can than do it some more ! Foot rubs...you really need those too !

So HAPPY for you both : )

E said...

Don't worry, plenty of time for the exhaustion to set in. ;)

Glad you are feeling pretty good then. No morning sickness? I think it sets in later, if at all.

Rain Child said...

I can't believe I missed your big news while I was out of town!!! Great news! Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you!

Allison said...

You CRUISE, Kitty - you deserve it!! Glad things are going well. Enjoy the hell outta this time!! Make that hubs pamper you! :)

Emily said...

So glad to hear things are going well and you are remaining (semi) stress free! Let's face it, after all you've been though, it's hard to remain completely stress free! ;-) We are all cheering for you and your little one! Many prayers headed your way!

MotherHen said...

I spotted off and on for the first and last trimesters with my kiddos. Perfectly normal as long as it's less than a teaspoon. That er...um.. area has extra blood flow during pregnancy and sex, waxing, bike ridding can all cause a little spotting. Just make sure it's just a little.

Totally milk it. The first trimester is the always tired and usually sick phase. Second trimester you should get your energy back. Third tri is when you get uncomfortable and tired again. Everyone is different but those are the three most common "phases".

Yeah for the baby maker!

Lookingforaplussign said...

I keep checking to see if you update. I am excited to hear any news you have. I am glad to hear you are feeling well. You might want to check with the OB about the herbs. Some docs are freakish about TCM and herbs. My RE wants me to have nothing to do with herbs while I'm being treated.

^J^ said...

Awesome! So glad the spotting has stopped. You are finally preggers - milk it dry, girl!!!!