Staying sane... for the most part

Well hello there my fair friends in blogland! I am attempting to fill up space with nonsense so if you're having one of those days you don't have to read any of my post. Did you know that your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks, otherwise it will digest itself? Also, did you know that Twinkie inventor Jimmy Dewey ate 40,177 Twinkies during his lifetime? I have no idea if these are true statements, but I think both are pretty gross.

Here's a picture just for kicks:

Okay I think I'm safe now. On with the post.

It's really hard not to be paranoid when you're pregnant but you don't feel pregnant! Yes, I'm still feeling good, too good. I keep telling myself, "It's still early," but I can't help but worry a little. Okay sometimes a lot. But mostly just a little, I'm trying to keep the anxiety under control.

I went to acupuncture today and told the doc I was trying not to stress about the fact that I don't have many symptoms (I hate using that word, it's not like I'm sick!). He told me it's okay, some women just don't have a lot of signs. What I do have: 1) An almost unquenchable thirst. I wake up with a dry mouth and have to drink water all day long or I feel dehydrated. 2) I get really tired in the early afternoon almost every day. I'm fine at night, but right around 1:30 I could fall asleep on my desk. Or in the car. Or while walking to the bathroom. 3) Crazy mood swings. I am a total bitch. And then I tear up when I hear "Proud to be an American" on the radio. 4) Boobie soreness that comes and goes, bigger/firmer bbs, and I think my nips are starting to get darker. The veins are slightly more noticeable, but not too bad. 5) Occasional mild cramps. They've mellowed out quite a bit since the first week after my BFP, but they still make an appearance here and there. Over the weekend I felt very slightly nauseated a couple of times when I got hungry, which was exciting, and I'm also starting to have trouble eating nuts, my easy protein snack of choice. (Am I the only one who thinks that sounds dirty? Heheheh... I'm so mature.)

Hopefully my OB appt on Thursday will ease my mind a little. I'm starting to think they won't do an ultrasound for the heartbeat at this one though, damned HMO! I asked a lady who goes to the same doc and has the same insurance as I do, and she doesn't think she had an u/s until 12 or 13 weeks (I put an inquiry in with the ins co too to be sure). So if they don't I'm just going to ask if they can order me one and I'll pay out of pocket. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind!

That's about it for me. Tomorrow's my last day of work before VACATION!!! I'm so excited I could pee my pants! Either that or it's time to relieve myself of the most recent three glasses of water I downed. Probably a combo of both.


M said...

Hi Kitty!!

I love reading your posts. The "newness" of early pregnancy is so exciting, I'm so happy you can share everything with us all!!

I had very similar initial s/s. Definately fatigue was the biggie. Can't wait to hear your update on Thurs... and I would pay for an u/s too ;)

Angie said...

I love your "Tuesday" picture. Can't wait to hear about your d/a. Fingers crossed for fantastic news!

E said...

I understand being paranoid...totally. Your symptoms will wax and wane the whole time, trust me. It seems to be reasurring the more symptoms we have, but I am living proof that that doesn't really matter.

Yay vacation!!

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Can't wait til Thursday! I really hope they do an u/s!

Daisy83808 said...

Sounds like symptoms to me! Maybe you just won't have any major ones. Hurray!! Pregnancy suits you :-) Have a great vacation!

Kate said...

Ah the thirst... I forgot about that one! For me, things went sour after I started feeling yucky though. I'd get sooo thirsty and take a big drink then feel like I was going to puke it all back up for the rest of the day.

Later on, when (if?) you feel like crap, I'll be reminding you of these good ol' days. ;0)

Hope the appointment goes well tomrrow - and you're right, the ultrasound cost is such a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Emily said...

Can't wait to hear about your appointment! You sounds like you are doing fine in the symptom area! Having mild symptoms is just as good as having severe symptoms... take care!!

Misty Dawn said...

Can't wait for tomorrow!! Be sure to post when you get back, even tho you are on vaca!