CD1 (Yes, there will be swearing)

This is why I don't test. Testing costs money, and why spend money when AF is never more than a few days behind schedule? I'll take my heartache for free, thanks. What's even more fucking special is this means I'll probably be on my period the entire week we're camping at the beach at the end of the month. THANKS. Thanks a lot for adding insult to injury, AF, you horrible bitch.

Okay. No more swearing now, I just had to get that out of my system.

I had a visit to the gyno this morning for my referral to the RE. He went over all my IF test and lap results, and from what he said (and I'll confirm more with the RE when I go), it sounds like my endo was somehwat more serious than how the first doctor (the one who performed my surgery) made it sound. I was under the impression there were only a few little spots, but actually there were several.

I'm still undecided about treatments. IUI isn't really known to be real effective particularly for women with endo. Not to mention some drugs can aggravate it. I'm starting to feel more open to IVF, but I am still very torn. I don't like the idea of freezing embryos because I believe life begins at conception. I've decided to hold off on talking to my parents until after my consultation with the RE. That way I'll have as much information as possible to share with them, including (hopefully) the doctor's recommendations. My gyno has promised to submit the referral request ASAP, so hopefully I'll be able to get in fairly quickly.

In other news, we lost a member of our department today to some layoffs. She actually took it really well as she has a baby and wanted to find work closer to home anyway. I hope it works out for her, but of course it still sucks big time. No one is safe, and with this being the third round of layoffs we've had here in the two years I've been around, people are even more on edge. It's a good thing this weekend is a three-dayer, we're all going to need it.

I haven't weighed in for the w/l challenge, sorry! My only scale is the Wii Fit and frankly I was too tired and lazy last night to turn it on. Tonight though, as soon as I get home. I can make that promise because dinner is already in the crock pot - veggie chili, yummy - so I have no excuse.

Let's hope this day starts getting better. Judging by the cramps though, I'm not holding out much hope.


Rain Child said...

Sorry about AF showing herself! I know how much it hurts (physically and emotionally). I hope that you can still have a happy 4th with her in town.

I am looking forward to hearing how your RE consult goes.

elephantscanremember said...

I am sorry, lady. af is a raging witch and she needs to be stopped! (Hugs)

-my husband grows cotton- said...

AF is evil. I thought I would be able to keep her around for a few more days, but obviously she decided to visit you next.


My Cousin in Law had stage 3 or 4 endo and is now PG after their 2nd (or 3rd?) IUI. She acutally had one IUI, it went on BC to reduce a cyst, then had a lap to remove endo, then had another IUI right after the lap. This was in a 5 month time period to give you perspective. Good luck at your referral and I hope you can get in soon!

^J^ said...

AF is the devil!! I hate that she played games with your mind, again. {{hugs}}

You might need to share the recipe for your veggie chilli. It sounds really good, AND that comes from a girl who loves her beef! =} oh and let's not forget how much I like crockpot cooking....BONUS!

M said...

I had the same feeling about IVF too Kitty.

That is why when we did IVF, out of 19 or so eggs retrieved, we only attempted to fertilize 3 (of which 2 fertilized). The doctor/staff must have thought we were nuts but we didn't want to compromise our beliefs. It never ended up working but I have no regrets about doing it because we are comfortable with how we did it and I wanted to know even I never had a child that I had done everything I could have done.

I hope the RE can give you some great insight.

Allison said...

Damn AF and IF and endo. :(

I kinda feel the same about IUI... doesn't seem like it greatly ups the odds. I dunno. I'll give it a try anyway, I guess. Even though it's a lot of money, I figure I can get about ten IUI tries or one IVF try.

sigh. Either way, it sucks. Hope your day gets better. ((((Hugs)))

Misty Dawn said...

I feel the same way about IVF,it is hard to go through TTC and hit dead ends. I'm sure your RE will want to do the lap over, mine did. (((HUGS)))I hate AF!! Get that weight in girl!!

Kate said...

I'm sorry AF has shown her horrid face... I hope the long weekend gives you a bit of a break from the stress at work.