Ear cancer and bar naps

I prefer not to be subjected to the vocal stylings of one Ms. Tina Turner. I know she's the Queen of Rock or whatever and most everyone loves her. But her voice sounds like sandpaper to me. Not pretty!

Every Friday morning the Hag blasts music from one of her more obscure albums (okay, I don't know if it's actually obscure, but I'd never heard any of these songs until I started working here) in an effort to spread her pre-weekend cheer. Well, almost every Friday. When her office is silent you know she's in a mood, and when she's in a mood she usually finds something to hassle me about. So as much as I can't stand Tina Turner, life is always better around the office on those Fridays when she's spewing her raspy lyrics than not!

So today I'm grateful for the ear cancer I've just been given, and giving an extra high-five to the corporate gods that the Hag is in jeans, which means she will likely be spending much of the day at another location! Fingers crossed! All in all, today's shaping up to be a decent day.

Bonus! I'm leaving work early to meet the girls and carpool down to L.A. for A's bachelorette weekend extravaganza! I am very nearly finished packing and I only have to pick up a couple things on my way home (procrastination is my middle name). I'm looking forward to spending most of the day tomorrow relaxing on the beach and soaking up some sun, and will somehow get through tonight's and tomorrow night's debauchery without falling asleep on the bar. I hope.

Maybe I'll luck out and one of the girls will be a lightweight and have to be taken back to the hotel early :)


Heather said...

Procrastination is my first, middle and last name. Gosh I am the best at it.
I can't stand Tina Turner either. She has a smokers voice to me. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

^J^ said...

Whoa! What awful taste in music the hag has. Hope she has left the bldg.

Hope you enjoy the w/end away and good luck keeping it a secret! But keep in mind, if you did happen to let it slip they'll probably be too smashed to remember anything the next day.(just a thought) Have fun!

M said...

ooh, I'm not a tina fan either. The only thing I think she has going on are the legs...

Have fun this weekend. I was so exhausted at that point too and would go to bed at like 9 o'clock every night. I'm usually a night owl and now with an infant I still go to bed at like 11/12 but back then... oh boy... I loved me a good bed :)

Hope the girls buy your excuse to not drink too :) or did you tell?? If not, when are you planning to tell everyone??

elephantscanremember said...

Have a great time!!!!!