Weekend and weather and such

Ah, Monday. You certainly know how to swoop in and kill off a weekend, don't you? Oh well. This is the last full week I'm working before my vacation, so I shouldn't complain. Starting next Thursday I will be away from work for two whole weeks! One week of that will be camping at the beach, and then I have 5 additional days where I have no idea what I'll be doing. I really should figure something out because otherwise I'll be bored out of my mind.

We're still fighting the clouds here in "sunny" southern CA. The sun peaked out a little yesterday afternoon, but it was already 3:00 by then. I tell you this weather is KILLING ME. It's the most dreary, chilly, awful July I can remember and it doesn't look like it'll get much better anytime soon. The sun's supposed to come out later this week, but the temperatures aren't going to be rising a whole lot. I like it in the upper 70's, but we'll be lucky to break 70 degrees more than once in the next 10 days. What the hell kind of summer is this??? I need warmth and vitamin D to survive! I need shorts and flip flops! I'm tired of sweaters and jeans!

Whew. So anyway, other than the mood swings (haha) I'm still feeling pretty peachy. No nausea, no peeing every 10 minutes, and the fatigue isn't even that bad. Boobs are still sore though. I keep asking hubs, "Are you sure I'm pregnant??" whenever he cracks open a beer - or worse, drinks our good wine! - and I can't have any. But it is still really early. I seem to always forget just how early it is, I'm so impatient and the days seem to go by sooo slowly. I just want to feel like it's for real, and I don't yet.

On with the day! My boss is on vacation this week and next, which, as much as I like the guy, always lightens the atmosphere a little bit. Hopefully that will make for an easy transition into vacation time for me, too. :)


Emily said...

70 and cloudy sounds nice! We've been having 100 degree weather with mega humidity! Fun Times!

I know time seems like its passing slowly, but try to enjoy every moment. I wanted the time to move fast as well, and now I'm 33 weeks and I want it to slow down so I can relish the moments! Glad you are feeling well thus far!! (((HUGS)))

Kate said...

It always helps when the boss is gone - no matter how good they are!

It will be as Emily says - enjoy all of the moments and document the little things that you think you'll remember (because you won't...).

Angie said...

You can send some of that cool weather to KY! It's pretty dreary here today, though...but it's still HOT.

E said...

It's hotter than freakin Haites here...I would kill for 70 degree weather; okay, maybe not kill, but I would seriously think about it ;).

I'm glad you are still feeling good!

M said...

Those first weeks seemed SO long at the time but now looking back it all went so fast. Enjoy every moment! Pregnancy is such a special time in our lives!!

Do you have a countdown to your first Dr's appt going?

Have fun on vacay!!

-my husband grows cotton- said...

I'll send some heat your way!

Be sure to take pictures often of your baby bump-even in teh beginning when there is not bump...something I DID NOT DO and I wish I would have.

Your first appointment will be here in no time!