Still waiting on AF. I'm feeling a little more crampy now than yesterday, so today must be the day. I hate the LAGGING HAG. But I am trying to be "zen" about it. She's an unstoppable force, so I might as well accept my fate.

Okay now to the fun news - my SIL (older bro's wife) is freakin' awesome! I was stressing yesterday about what to make for dinner that would fit in with the new diet, and I remembered my SIL had offered to help me out and cook dinner with me if I wanted. (She's a vegetarian and has a very "adventurous" palate, so I figured I could pick her brain.) So I asked if we could do that instead of game night last night and THANK THE HEAVENS she agreed! We decided to make fajitas for ourselves and the guys, and what a great idea that turned out to be. They were the most delicious veggie fajitas of all time!! No, seriously, they were frickin' amazing. Even my veggie-hating brother loved them, and even my Mexcan-food-hating hubs loved them!

I was good and ate only 2 small tortillas, didn't use any dairy at all, and still it was magnificent. I also discovered that avocados can make a great substitute for cheese as a topping, and when in doubt, add more salsa! I wish I could eat them again today, but the down side to making fajitas is it takes a really long time to prep and cook everything. It took us about 2 hours! (To be fair, we weren't exactly rushing, and we were cooking for 5 adults, three of which are big men.) All in all, it was a wonderful and delicious (and healthy) evening!

Now I have to figure out what the heck to make for dinner tonight. The bar has been set pretty high!


elephantscanremember said...

That does sound awesome. Try it with mushrooms added for extra protein too. They also make anything delicious.

af is late and you're not testing?!

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Sounds yummy! Now I am hungry LOL!

Hope AF is nice to you (((HUGS)))

Misty Dawn said...

Oh that sounds grand! I'm so jealous. :)

Lookingforaplussign said...

I have Mexican food that pumps through me veins 24/7. I love fajitas and tacos of all sorts. We can have fun witht those veggies!!

I like to make black bean everything in my tacos and I so so so love avocado. Yum. I am hungry.

Kate said...

I LOVE fajitas - it's a good thing I've already eaten dinner, or I'd be craving those all night!

Glad you had a fun night!