There's nothing worse than PMS on a Monday. I feel AF getting ready to make her appearance and I'm sure she'll be here very soon, most likely tomorrow. Damn I hate knowing my body so well. I wish I could be wrong just ONE time. Once - that's all I'm asking! (In case you couldn't tell, I get a little depressed and angry when I'm PMSed.)

My weekend was lovely, although it went by too fast. I spent some time with my brothers, SIL and niece on Saturday while hubs was at work. We barbecued and watched Ghana beat USA in the world cup. My poor older brother is a huge soccer fan and was beyond bummed. Yesterday hubs and I went to the annual Greek festival and ate way too much! It was sooo delish. I also brought a box of pastries home... and we ate all of them last night! Hubs kept saying, "They're not going to be good tomorrow," and then we'd eat another one. Luckily (as everyone knows) calories don't count when you're premenstrual.

Oh yeah, speaking of which, today's day 1 of my diet, and it's already off to a rocky start. I bought a bunch of veggies at the farmer's market on Saturday but I didn't make anything for lunch today. So I guess the diet will more officially start with dinner tonight: stir-fry veggies and brown rice. I did try hot water with lemon for the first time yesterday, though, and I really like it. I actually think I like it better than green tea. Now if I could just remember to bring lemon wedges to work!

Okay, I'm off to work this god-forsaken day away. My apologies for my bad attitude; for what it's worth I hope everyone has a GREAT day today!


Angie said...

So sorry AF is on her way. The wicked witch needs to take the hint and steer clear! Glad you got to enjoy the Greek food yesterday.

elephantscanremember said...

(Hugs) I am hoping you are wrong this once too.