Stuff (with LOLcats)

Today my little brother turns 28! He doesn't read this blog of course, but I'll still throw a "Happy Birthday, Broseph!!" out to the interwebs for him. :) We're going to be celebrating with a barbecue at my older brother's and SIL's house (little brother lives there too) after work tonight.

I spent a good chunk of my morning looking up recipes for veggie-based meals, and found a few I thought looked good. Although I wonder if making chili in the crock pot or soup on the stove counts as "lightly cooked"? Ah well, I figure it still has to be better for me than what I've been eating!

I'm also gearing myself up to have The Talk with my parents about money for treatments. I think I need to do it soon, before I lose my nerve! I hate asking them for money, but like I said, my dad has already offered to help several times. I just don't know exactly how my mom feels about it, and she's really the one who controls the finances. Plus, times are hard for everyone right now and I don't know what their spare cash situation is like either. I guess that's why I need to talk to them, isn't it?? I'm just nervous, I suppose.

Speaking of bored, time to get back to work!


-my husband grows cotton- said...

Oh my goodness...those photos crack me up!

Sending you good luck vibes and hugs as you talk to your parents. Asking for money is never easy.

Allison said...


Good luck having The Talk. I'd be nervous as hell, too.