June Gloom

In Southern California almost every summer begins with a phenomenon known as "June Gloom." I'll skip the boring meteorological explanation, but in a nutshell it means that the month of June brings cloudy, chilly, and sometimes drizzly weather to the coast. This year is no exception - in fact, June Gloom started promptly on the first of this month! Mother Nature is always so punctual in my life. :P

The dreary June weather never bothered me much. I grew up with it and am quite accustomed to it by now. Oftentimes the marine layer burns off by early-mid afternoon, so there's still time to enjoy the sunshine, and I've always thought overcast weather was sort of romantic anyway. Well, romantic when I'm not at work, that is.

But right now I'm seriously jonesing for some sunshine! This past winter seemed so dang long, and spring seemed colder and wetter than usual. Plus I haven't spent much time at the beach at all in the past two years and I miss it. (Honestly, who lives 5 minutes from the ocean and goes as infrequently as I do? It's criminal, really.) I'm hoping beyond hope that we get some sunshine this weekend because all I want to do is throw on a bathing suit, pack a picnic and spend a day lying on the sand, soaking up some rays.

Anyway, I want to thank you for your comments and kind thoughts from the other day. I'm feeling a little more balanced now. Although I'm still not "excited" about going down the treatments path, I can accept that it's in my not-too-distant future. Until then, I'm not going to push things before I'm ready; I'm going to try to enjoy myself as much as I can, and if that means focusing on shallow things like getting a decent tan, well, I think I've earned it!

Unless the sun doesn't come out, then maybe I'll focus on giving myself a pedicure.

Which is far less shallow. ;)


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling more balanced ! I will send the sunshine your way !!

Daisy83808 said...

You have earned it! Have fun! Hope the sun comes out :-)

Lookingforaplussign said...

I miss the cloudiness. I live in a place where the sun shines every day, and for some reason, I feel like I have to be happy all the time because of it.

I'll send you some of my sun. Send me your clouds and drizzle.


Kate said...

Drizzly and rainy here too - I'm ready for a slow start to summer, not a lingering winter! In fact, there are places in MT that will get snow over the weekend...

I'm glad you're feeling more balanced - sometimes a mental time-out will make a huge difference.