Divine Redesign (or, "How I Wound Up with a Used Sofa Set")

I think the urge for change is in the air. Tanya just posted the other day about making changes in her life, and Rain mentioned she's thoroughly enjoying Blogger's new design editor. I have to say I'm loving it too, as you can see. I'm still working on the new layout, but I really like the lighter color scheme, and turquoise is my FAVE! The pattern reminds me of 1950's wallpaper. I would totally wallpaper my whole house (okay, maybe just the office) with it if hubs would let me.

Hubs and I have been talking for months about turning our "office" into a "lounge." Our computer is a laptop, so we don't really need the huge desk that's currently in there, and we thought it would be nice to have another place to hang out besides the living room. Maybe put a couple club chairs and our stereo in, some new lighting, etc. One reason we haven't yet is because the "office" was eventually meant to be the "baby's room."

Today I was awoken (again) by our next-door neighbors having a yard sale. (Turns out they're moving.) When hubs left for work he noticed they were selling a sofa set, and thought we could use the love seat in our "lounge." Awesome. I went over and bought it for $20, it'll work nicely with a slip cover, and it's really comfy. They tried to sell me the sofa too, for another $20; I told them we don't have room but would ask hubs. Of course, hubs wants it for when the garage is all set up to be his "man cave." (AKA: more room to hang out, but with all his boy stuff that I don't want in the house.) Great. The garage still has a looong way to go before that happens, so I guess I'll have a sofa in there along with everything else taking up space that could be used for my car. Ya know, the whole purpose of having a garage and all that.

*Sigh* Oh well, at least I'll have a lounge! And another room to decorate the way I want. Maybe I'll even wallpaper ;)


Tanya said...

I love the new profile, and I like your idea of having a lounge. If it turns out to be a "baby room" you could always keep the love seat for cuddle, feeding time with baby.. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new look...it's the kind of wallpaper design that I am always attracted to.

Yippee for the lounge, I hope it works out. I am sure it will look stunning.

E said...

lol about the wallpaper. I love wallpaper but my husband refuses to put it up

Kate said...

A lounge sounds very cool - especially with wallpaper like your new background!

I'd make a crack about mice and garages, but I doubt you have to worry about that in sunny CA... :0)

^J^ said...

I agree, if it's not going to be a baby rm than it should be a rockin' good lounge!! Have fun decorating it and yay for new-to-you sofa's!

I'm gonna have to go check out these new blog designs. Yours looks great btw.

Daisy83808 said...

I love the look! It really would be great wall paper!