Happy June!

And happy NOT MONDAY, too! That's the best thing about going back to work after a Monday holiday, don't you think? Maybe the ONLY good thing, but by default that still makes it the best thing.

Sorry if I sound a little nutty, I'm just a touch delirious right now! Hubs and I got home late last night after having a jam session with the in-laws. No, we aren't preparing to tour the countryside as a family band, my SIL D and I were learning how to make jam. We made 4 batches of strawberry and 1 batch of blackberry (a total of 30 jars), both of which were absolutely scrumptious, and we had a blast. Hubs was so proud of his domestic diva! And now we have enough jam to last us... well, pretty much forever!

This whole weekend was rather "jam" packed, actually. (Haha, I crack myself up!) We spent all day Saturday cleaning the house and running errands for Sunday's 2nd annual backyard Beer Fest, which turned out pretty well, if I say so myself. We're starting to get the hang of all the preparations, so we weren't nearly as stressed this year. The weather even cooperated and it was a gorgeous, cloudless day in the low 70's, the nicest day all weekend. Everything went off without a hitch, and everyone had a great time!

I have a few pictures from both Beer Fest and and the jam session that I will try to remember to post later... But you know me - I'll probably get around to it later rather than sooner!

And now it's back to reality. Today is CD24 and my boobs (or "bubbies," as they say on the Housewives of NJ. BTW - is anyone else addicted to that show? It really is a dirty, shameful addiction, but I admit I'm hooked!) have been super sore for days. I was bummed because last month I had no PMS at all, and I figured that was thanks to my herbs. This month I've been on different herbs, so maybe they aren't as effective against PMS, who knows?

Also, who knows when AF is going to arrive?? Last C I thought she was 2 days early, but I probably just Oed sooner than usual, and this month I Oed on day 13 or 14, so I could be starting any time. Or maybe I'll be back to a 28 day C. It's a mystery, how exciting!! ;) Also, I've been slacking on my C+B. I've done maybe half of the sessions this C; I just can't seem to get into a routine, but that's probably because there's been so much going on this month. Hopefully I'll be better next C!

Keeping busy has done wonders in taking my mind off the 2ww, though. And it's not over yet! I still have a ton to do for my friends' T&A's showers (that was for you, ^J^, LOL), which are both this weekend. As much fun as I know they're going to be, I can't wait until they're over! I'm TIRED! No rest for the wicked, I suppose :)

I hope your week has started off right!


elephantscanremember said...

You're so entertaining! I am glad you had a great weekend and hopefully af (or she who should not be named) will not even visit you at all. She can visit me instead. ;)

Send a jar of that jam my way.

Sweet Pea said...

You are just cracking me up today !!!

How did you make the Jam ? Details please !!

I am totally ADDICTED to all the Housewives show...they are so horrible, I can't stop myself from watching them. Who are these people anyway ? LOL !!!

Glad that the Beer Fest went well and the weather was great !

Hopefully AF will not show up this month for you, I am keeping it all crossed for you girl !

Kate said...

Oh - jam sounds good! C's grandma taught me how to make buffaloberry jelly last year - I'll take all of that old-school knowledge I can get!

Heather said...

Yum! Blackberry jam! Maybe you'll consider sending some up to the Bay Area.
A farm stand near us is going to have boysenberries ready soon and I'm dying to attempt to make jam.
Good luck this month! Fingers crossed!