Bad hair day

There is a woman that works here who has no tact at all. (Okay, there are actually LOTS of women who work here that have no tact at all, but today we'll just focus on the one.)

When my then-cube-neighbor (now minion) first got pregnant last year, this woman, R, would come over and talk to her ALL. THE. TIME. about her pregnancy. And she would relate stories about her pregnancies. Regularly and at length. As often as possible, I would leave my desk to try to avoid these conversations, which R sometimes tried to draw me into. R enjoys being the center of attention, you see.

At one point R asked me when I was going to have kids. (I guess she felt like that was an appropriate question for a work acquaintance because one of her kids was in hubs's class growing up. So that means she and I are "tight.") My cube-neighbor, knowing about my situation, very nicely told R that we have been dealing with IF. R's response was extremely wise and thoughtful. She said, "Just relax and it will happen!" And then she followed that wisom of the ages up with, "I'm such a Fertile Myrtle, my husband would just look at me and I'd get pregnant!!" That's when I blatantly stopped listening and went back to work.

Now R is apparently going to be a grandma. I know because I've overheard her tell no less than 8 people that her son's girlfriend (wife?) just took a "pee-pee test." (How can I even begin to explain how much I loathe the term "pee-pee" used among adults??) The poor girl hasn't even been to the doctor yet and R is telling the entire bank the news. I don't envy her the mother-in-law she has to deal with.

Anyway, that was how I ended the day yesterday and began the day today. Okay, well, actually I began the day as a Kitty sandwich, wedged between Aaron and Atticus in bed, with an insanely stiff and sore neck, then my blow-dryer crapped out on me AFTER I'd already put product in my hair, and then there was an accident on my way to work so I was late. But not long after that I was subjected to the high-pitched squeals of coworkers as R shared "her" news with half the office.

I'll just thank my lucky stars that my MIL and mom are not like her. And now I'm going to try to put on a happy face because it's FRIDAY and it's a three day weekend!


Kate said...

Oh good grief!!! So much for letting her son and his significant other have their own lives... Maybe they aren't ready for such a big change in their lives and she's sharing with the world? And really - "pee-pee" - I'm no word smith, but there are so many other words that are suitable for this situation!

Sorry about your blow dryer - mine just did that Sunday morning... grrr!

elephantscanremember said...

Ugh! Some people never get it! She sounds like a one-upper as well. I do not like those people!

E said...

Don't you just want to smack the crap out of her? I sure do!! Seriously hate people like that.

AJ48 said...

Uggggh! I am sorry you have to deal with that at work. I hated seeing the pregnant bellies all the time and its even worse when they are annoying and insensitive about the subject. Some people just dont get it!!

But at least its friday!! Have a great long weekend!!

Sweet Pea said...

Some people are just tackless morons...there are so many they need a club !!!

I hope you have a GREAT 3 dayer!!!

Christina said...

What is the deal with women with no tact and cubicals? We have so many too and they talk about crap just like that all the time! Poor, poor girl who has that woman as a mother in law!

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Pee pee stick?!? Gag me.

^J^ said...

I HATE it when adults say pee-pee. Ugh! Or any baby-type words...So annoying! Sorry you had/have to deal with this crap. {{{hugs}}}

Hope your log weekend was Awesome!!