Happy Mother's Day to ME.

AF crashed my weekend and showed up 2 days ahead of schedule, the hag. What's she trying to do, make up for last C when she sauntered on in 4 days late? Sigh.

Some thoughts on this visit:

1. I thought I felt O pains on CD14, which would mean I had a 12 day LP. That's not too bad, considering I don't normally O until day 17 or 18, giving me a 10 or 11 day LP in a 28 day C.

2. Some of my usual PMS symptoms were MIA - no sore/swollen boobs at all, minimal moodiness, no bloating, and very little cramping (until now). All this and #1 make me think maybe, just maybe, acupuncture is doing something for me.

3. At least my period will be mostly gone by the time hubs and I leave for our anniversary trip on Thursday. Not that we'll be getting all romantic in the guest bedroom at our friends' house or anything! But you know, I'll be able to wear my white spandex pants and twirl in slow motion and whatnot.

As you can tell I'm really trying to see the silver lining in this situation. I'm not happy but I'm not devastated either. Last month was much worse with all the "signs" and AF being so late. I'd much rather start early than late, and I had no reason to get my hopes up this C. Plus I was so depressed all last month I was kind of looking forward to it being over!

I'm also looking forward to trying Circle + Bloom this C. I'd read about it a couple months ago but didn't want to spend the money on it at the moment, and I was also a little skeptical. Then I read about it again on Busted Plumbing the other day and thought, why not? I got hubs (a.k.a. the Treasurer) to approve the $59 it costs for the mp3s, and I'm about to head on over there and download them right now.

I hope everyone made it through today with relative ease, you were all in my thoughts! (((Hugs)))


Anonymous said...

Number 3 made me LOL!!! I hope you have a great anniversary trip with the Hubs!

elephantscanremember said...

(Hugs) I am very sorry she found you. She's such a hag!

I hope you made it through unscathed yesterday. ;)

Sarah said...

I know how it feels to have un-predictable cycles. At least you don't have to worry about it when your gone away!
I've never heard of Circle + Bloom...looking forward to hearing how it works for you.

Misty Dawn said...

Ugh what an awful day for AF to make her presence!! Yeah we went out to eat a Logan's on our way home and the hostess asked me if I was a mom b/c they were giving out carnations to all the moms. So I felt obligated to tell her my life story. :) Made me feel better. Plus we sat at the bar and didn't have to wait the 45mins for the other tables for parties of 2 or more. Thats my silver lining. We should try to keep this up!

Allison said...

I think AF loves making the rounds on Mother's Day.

I hate her.

But you're right - now we can get back into the white spandex sooner (LMAO!)

Onward and upward, right?.... Right.

AJ48 said...

Sorry AF had to show up for you...and on Mother's Day none the less. :( She sux!!

Have fun on your Anniversary Trip!!

Kate said...

Circle + Bloom sounds like a pretty neat deal - I hope it works!

I got a kick out of the 'white spandex pants and twirl in slow motion and whatnot' - hope you have a good anniversary trip, with or without the twirling!

Lookingforaplussign said...


White spandex and a twirl

hahahaha I just spit up my apple!