Happy body

Whoa, I guess I must be doing something right! Yesterday was only CD12, and amazingly I got a positive OPK! I've never gotten one so early! Hopefully that's a good thing, but if nothing else it leads me to believe that what I thought were O pains on CD14 last month really were O pains. Which would also explain why my period was 2 days 'early,' since I normally don't O until CD17 or so. Anyway, nice! All aboard the BD express :)

I've been feeling pretty stressed in general lately, but I haven't been worrying too much about TTC. In fact, I'm fairly positive and optimistic, and I think the C+B is to thank. For the first time in... well, ever, I'm thinking about my body in a positive light. I don't picture my reproductive parts as broken or malfunctioning, but rather that everything is healthy and working as it should, which is a major part of the guided visualizations. The cool thing is, those mental images don't go away after doing the sessions, they actually stay with me every day. That's a big help for keeping a positive attitude!

I remembered the other day that my acupuncturist recommended a book called Making Babies, by Sami S. David and Jill Blakeway, and I finally looked it up. It has some great reviews and looks really useful (and come on, how adorable is that baby's derriere? The cover alone would make me buy it!). One of the authors is an RE and the other is a TCM practitioner, and the book goes into a lot of detail about truly complementary medicine. If you're interested, read through the introduction on the "click to look inside" link on Amazon and you'll see what I mean. I'll probably pick it up in the next couple weeks.

Well chickies, other than that - IT'S FRIDAY! Finally! Got any fun plans for the weekend? I myself will be heading down to the L.A. fashion district with one of my bride friends tomorrow, and then helping my brother and SIL move. Hubs and I may also hit up a BBQ and family dinner if we have time. It's going to be a busy weekend! Hope you enjoy yours!!


Kate said...

Yay for a + OPK - and for the positive thoughts. I'm glad it's all helping you change your perspective.

No big weekend plans for us - graduations... blah. Enjoy your weekend!

AJ48 said...

OPK's never worked for me either...glad you got a + one!!! Have fun this weekend and glad to hear about your positive thinking.

Nothing planned for me...which I am happy about. I love weekends where we have nothing to do! :)

elephantscanremember said...

Yay for a responsive body! Don't forget the baby making duties on top of everything else you have this weekend!

Sarah said...

That's great progress! It's amazing how much help a better outlook is!

Allison said...

Go get 'em, Tiger ... err...Kitty! ;) Hope you're having a terrific weekend!