Funky fried

I was going to post some long lamentation about how I've been so depressed this whole C, but it was just making me more depressed to write about it, so instead I'm going to talk about some things I am grateful for. This is more for my own benefit than anything else; my apologies if it's boring!

First of all, I'm grateful for my hubs. He's always full of praise when I cook. Even when the salmon is overdone and chewy he doesn't criticize, he just says thank you.

I'm grateful for our little house. Did I ever mention I can clean the WHOLE THING in about 2 hours? Yeah, sometimes I wish we had more space (or a second bathroom), but there's a lot to be said for tiny homes!

I'm grateful to be able to live in the town we do. It's small enough to have a nice "community" feel, but big enough that there's always something going on. And it's right on the beach! What's not to love?

I'm so very grateful that it's almost summer, and that the weather is finally starting to reflect that! (Knock on wood!)

And I'm grateful to myself for taking 3 days off next week for my wedding anniversary! Hubs and I were planning on spending a couple days on the Central Coast for wine tasting, but we decided we don't have the money to spend on a hotel. So instead we'll stay home and do fun stuff around town. We might take a day to go to the CC if we can crash at our friends J&M's house after wine tasting, but we'll see. Either way, I'm only working 2 days next week, and I can't wait!

Well, that actually helped get me out of my funk a little bit. Now maybe I can get some work done :)


Anonymous said...

I hear ya girlfriend ! We need to slap ourselves around a bit and focus on the good things, which are so many that we take for granted !

We tend to do alot of the touristy stuff in our area...so fun !

Heather said...

Only a 2 day work week! That IS something to be grateful for. Hope you get to do something fun and relaxing for your anniversary.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! It's good to focus on some positives. I hope you have fun lazing around your town. Enjoy your days off!