Two weeks

Did I say I was feeling optimistic about TTC? Oh, well that must have been because I wasn't in the 2ww yet!! Oy... It's going to be a long two weeks...

Since I don't have much else to talk about, I guess I'll tell you about my weekend.

As planned, I headed down to the L.A. fashion district with my friend A and her other friend/bridesmaid, J, on Saturday. A was looking for a wedding dress that would knock her socks off, but unfortunately she came up empty-handed. So from there we headed up the street to Chinatown in search of decorations for her bridal shower and hit the jackpot! Yeah, technically A probably shouldn't have seen all the things J and I bought, but it's such a pain to get to downtown L.A., and an even bigger pain to get around once you're there, we just had to take advantage. We bought a bunch of really cute stuff - bamboo shoots for the favors, some prizes, paper lanterns, strings of lights, just about everything you need for an Asian-themed shower. I think it's going to turn out pretty cool :)

Sunday was a really productive day, shower-wise, as well. Hubs and I helped my brother and SIL move into their new house - which is actually my SIL's grandfather's house. (Grandpa has moved to an assisted living facility.) They've done an amazing job updating the place so far, but they still have a garage FULL of stuff. So SIL let me look through some of it to see if we wanted anything, and I found these green vintage glass salad plates that are absolutely gorgeous. They look valuable so I only asked to borrow them for my friend T's Tuscan-themed shower. I think they'll be perfect for the oil and vinegar on the tables, and they'll add a pop of color to the white tablecloths. After that we had dinner at my in-laws' house for grandma's birthday... and I scored some bread baskets and 2 big glass beverage dispensers as well! Thank goodness for having family that likes to entertain!

I still have a TON to do before the showers (in less than 2 weeks now, yikes!), but it feels like they're starting to come together, and I'm getting excited! And did you notice - 2ww, and 2 weeks until the showers? Hopefully that'll help me keep my mind off waiting. I love it when Providence shines down on me like that!


^J^ said...

SWEET! Sounds like you cleaned up in decor for the showers! (Funny, I always think something completely different when you say "T & A"{when reffering to the showers}) Haha!
Anyways, hope the hectic-ness keeps you too busy to fret about the 2ww. And hopefully, someone will be throwing you a shower soon! ;) ;)

Sweet Pea said...

Loooks like you made a killin' on those decorations for the showers !

Hope the 2ww goes by fast !

Lookingforaplussign said...

sometimes you gotta load up when you can!!!

and I hate the waiting, too!!!! ahhh!!!

Kate said...

By the sounds of the decorations, the showers are going to be pretty great! I hope the time goes quickly with all the prep you'll have to take care of between now & then.

Sarah said...

Sounds like the shower will be a good distraction!