Calling all cooks...

I need help!

As I've mentioned (probably several times now), my friend T's shower is Tuscan-themed. Well, the moms and I have decided to make the main courses (pastas) ourselves in order to save money. Both T's mom and step-mom are making some rather filling dishes, so with that in mind, and also because - let's face it - I'm no Julia Child, I've decided to bring a light pasta dish, maybe even a cold one.

But my problem is, I don't have any recipes for one! I've searched AllRecipes.com, and nothing seems to suit. I don't have enough confidence in my cooking abilities to completely wing it either.

So if you have a yummy pasta recipe, or even just an idea for one, that meets the following criteria, please help out a poor, untalented cook!

-Vegetarian (this is an absolute must)
-Easy enough for even me
-Can preferably be served cold (I won't have much time to cook the day of the shower)
-Light (i.e. No heavy sauces, creams, etc.)

To sweeten the deal, I will send a special prize to the person whose recipe or idea I end up using! How's that for bribery? :)


Steph O. said...

I'd share it with you w/o bribery! When I was a teen, pasta salad was a summer regular at our house. The "recipe" my mom used can be varied to anyone's taste. Here's an easy one for vegitarian-

Tri-colored pasta (adds color), cooked, drained, rinse if you want.

Cubed cheese (if she's not vegan)


Grape tomatoes

Sliced black olives

If you feel brave, you could add brocolli, or cucumber (things that can give people gas!)

For the dressing- At the time, we lived near an Al.ber.tson's & they had these really good dressing/marinades. Mom would usually get a couple flavors (many come light or fat free) & let everyone put on their own to taste.

For non-vegitarian variations- we usually put diced cooked chicken in. Seafood can also be used for a change.

Steph O. said...

Oh, I almost forgot, the easiest way to do the peas is to get a bag of (high quality) frozen & cold rinse to thaw them. Unless you want to use snap peas. :)

Sarah said...

Philadelphia Cream Cheese has really awesome recipes that are incredibly simple! Look up their website and look there!

And to respond to you question on my blog - no I have not tested. I refuse to. lol

-my husband grows cotton- said...

I don't have any recipes, but I follow smittenkitchen.com and she might have some. Her food always looks delicious!

Good luck!

Lookingforaplussign said...

Here's a delicious option that is not pasta, but uses quinoa. Follow this link:

It's tasty tasty and high in fiber.

^J^ said...

Ahh! I have an awesome pasta salad, but sadly it only met the "serve cold" criteria...So, next time you're in the mood for a heavyish, non-vegetarian pasta salad recipe, I got a delish one! ;)