I thought I was in the clear for The Dreaded Holiday this year, seeing as my mom is currently off the continent and my MIL is on the other side of the country (hubs's family usually does a big party for MD). I already DVR all my shows, so I can fast-forward through all the MD ads, and I hate shopping so I wouldn't be coming face to face with many banners and signs anyway. I figured I can pick up some cards whenever the mood strikes, have them ready when the moms get back, and bada-bing, bada-boom: a Non-Mother's Day!

Well, my friends, I neglected to take into consideration the fact that I'm signed up for every email coupon list known to man. And do you know what all their emails are geared toward this week?? Of course you know!

BevMo - Wines Mom Will Love!! I don't doubt that many moms love wine, mine sure does (and so does my MIL)! But this year I think I'll drink it all myself, thanks! Do I still get the discount?

Quizno's - Kids Eat Free!! Well, Quizno's, I don't have kids, but can you slap a scoop of tuna in a cup for me? I'd love to take it home to my cat. What, you don't serve cats?? Specists! (You know, like sexist or racist, but toward different species.)

Even my VocalPoint email (surveys, free samples, etc.) asked me to fill out a survey about whether I'd be interested in a toothpaste marketed to "TWEENS." Uhhh... NOPE! But next time you have something for 29 year old infertile women who always forget to floss, send me a sample!

My one saving grace was from Macaroni Grill, who so thoughtfully remembered my wedding anniversary and is giving us a free slice of chocolate cake to celebrate. Thanks, MG!! It's nice to know someone's looking out for me.

Okay, honestly these emails don't really bother me all that much. It's just a little annoying to be bombarded with ads to buy stuff no one needs, and reminded that I'm not normal, and yeah, I'm still a tiny bit bitter about it. But I'll get over it!


elephantscanremember said...

(Hugs) I just don't guess there's a way around it at all, is there?

I love MG. Ahh. It sounds good right now.

Misty Dawn said...

mmmm MG, I love their wines! While you are there get a bottle for me will you? I hate Mother's Day. This year we are doing the race on MD w/e so I am hoping it goes smoothly. The best thing about being JW is not celebrating traditional holidays that have no meaning. :)