Brain smorgasbord

Whoa lordy!! Things are getting crazy for this girl lately and I'm trying to keep everything running smoothly. Or even just running.

Our trip to the Central Coast was really fun, and we had a great time with our friends. They live in a college town that holds a big farmer's market on Thursday evenings, so we went downtown for that. I always forget how good (and cheap!) the produce is at farmer's markets, hopefully we can start going to the one in our town. Anyway, hubs and I went wine tasting all day on Friday, and then back to our friends' place for dinner... and more drinks! And Yahtzee! And Scrabble! LOL It was really fun but of course I felt like death warmed over the next day. We thought about staying an extra night and making a trip to the hot springs, but in the end we wanted to spend the last day of our time off at home. Which we did - and spent the entire day Sunday working on our backyard planters! They're looking really nice now, I'll have to post some before and after shots so you can see the progress.

The backyard's going to be getting a lot of use in the next couple weeks. We have Beer Fest coming up on Memorial Day weekend, and then my friend A's bridal shower will be held there the following Sunday. Did I mention my friend T's shower is the day before A's? Luckily A's sister and other bridesmaids are doing the majority of the planning for hers, as I've been totally wrapped up in T's. I have to say, I did not count on the amount of stress all this planning would cause me! Between auditors, testing, and training at work, the two showers, the backyard work, Beer Fest, my anniversary trip, and of course TTC, I'm just about to my breaking point!

I'm trying to woo-sah my stress away, and am still enjoying using C+B (although I forgot to do it the 3 days we were out of town). Like I said, the meditation and guided visualization are really good. I'm having kind of a hard time with the relaxation though. I get to a certain level and then my brain tries to kick in, my thoughts wander, etc. I just can't seem to get to that deeper level of relaxation. Hopefully it will get easier with practice; I think it will.

My acu has moved me to an every-other-week schedule instead of every week, since money was getting tight. He actually told me at my last appt that he doesn't really think I'm infertile, and it caught me so off guard I didn't think to ask him what he meant by that. My guess is he wants hubs to get another SA, but this time by a specialist. He doesn't have a lot of faith in the test labs that most doctors' offices use. I do need to hurry up and find an RE, but here's the deal: My insurance covers 50% of IF testing, but hubs isn't on my insurance. (I don't think his covers anything regarding IF.) I'm obviously going to be limited in my choice of doctors under my insurance, and since it only covers half of testing, and nothing for treatments, cost is still a big concern. So I guess I'm kind of dragging my feet in seeing an RE because I don't know where to start! Hubs keeps telling me to "research" some doctors, but it's not like I can call and ask how much they charge for tests and procedures! I mean, I can, but they're not going to tell me that. Ugh... Help? What would you do?

Sorry this is such a meandering post, it's a pretty good representation of my brain lately though! I will leave you with this thought: Neil Pa.tric.k Ha.rris is on G.lee tonight, and I do believe there's going to be a flashback scene in which he sports a mullet. Just go ahead and let that marinate for a while!


Sarah said...

Wow, your a busy girl! Sounds like your May 2-4 is gonna be tones of fun!
If I go to my specialist's website they have all the prices listed, accordingly. Different country, means different rules I realize. It's still worth looking up on-line (half my stuff is covered by the Ontario Health, and some by work...)

elephantscanremember said...

Can your ObGyn refer you to anyone?

(Hugs) I wish it were easier for you.

Lookingforaplussign said...

You just need to be frank with the RE and the business manager/office person. If they know that you are paying cash for everything, they can and will give you a price sheet. I received mine and it reminded me of a restaurant menu (weird, I know). Hmm, let's see: I'd like a SA for app, CD3 bloodwork for course 2, and for the entree, I'd like an IUI.

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Glad you had a great time during your time off!

Definitely get DH tested through the RE where they will go into more detail with the SA. I just picked up copies of all our testing. Chad had to do 2 SA's and all they tested was count and morphology.